What’s Leaking From the Car?


Currently, a massive number of cars are plagued with engine oil and other operating fluids leaks. In this article, we will advise assessing what sort of fluid is leaking from the car based on the smell and color. 

Most car owners have a hard time realizing that their vehicle is leaking a substantial amount of fluids essential for the proper operation of the powertrain without visiting a car service centre in Delhi. If you are accustomed to every day, park your car in different places or on the soft ground, you can easily miss the chance to notice any disturbing fluid losses. However, the magnitude of this problem can be easily understood by visiting parking lots of supermarkets. Most probably, you won’t find a single parking space without a single grease stain. 

Most car owners find out about such an issue with their car during the technical inspection by visiting the best car service center in Delhi, which often ends with a negative result. However, this is a common problem, and it is never too late to fix the fluid loss. As a responsible car owner, you should never postpone such kind of issues, as eventually, it will lead to severe failure of the driving element.

What are the consequences of tolerating oil / fluid leaks?

If we neglect the stains suggesting a fluid leak for long, we expose the internal engine unit of our car to the lack of proper lubrication. In the long run, it can lead to the seizing of the working components, very similar to the gearbox. In addition, if there is an issue with the coolant level, the engine overheats and can also break head gaskets. Fluid leakage of power steering, in turn, may result in blocking of the steering gear, and brake fluid leakage – may reduce the system’s efficiency. Disregarding the latter cannot only be considered mere ignorance but also exposing yourself and your loved ones to danger. 

Leaks from the car. How to recognize what is leaking? 

Fortunately, car operating fluids usually differ in color and smell, so one car easily recognize the depleting fluids on their own. Dripping engine oil is the easiest to identify; generally, its black and cloudy. In contrast, the colling and braking system’s fluid is differentiated by more vivid colors and transmission oil – by a pungent odor. 


Color: none

Odor: none

Taste: none

The traces of water stains under the car should not be considered harmful: usually, it leaks from the drainage of the air conditioning system or from the drains of the sunroof or windshield. If the drainage channels are not adequately tightened, water may leak even for multiple hours after being flooded. 

Engine oil

Color: brown or black. 

Odor: weak. 

Taste: none

According to the online car booking Delhi, fresh engine oil is brown and clear, but a black-cloudy stain under the car is the most common sign of an engine oil leak. Also, it is challenging to get rid of its stains. There are various sources of oil leakage, including the drain plug, filter gasket, pan gasket, valve cover, shaft seal and pressure sensor.

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