When and How Should You Wear a Gemstone?


It is the truth that most of the gem stones come with great beauty and amazing healing powers. However, it is crucial for you to wear each gemstone in the proper procedure so as to acquire utmost benefits from it. Even if, you choose a good gemstone suitable for your planet and birth horoscope, your lack of wearing it rightly might minimize the general and full effect of the stone.  Therefore, you require to ensure that you are aware of the precise procedures of wearing so that you do not end up making any type of errors.

Don’t you panic because following are a few points that are going to help you in making a right decision regarding the stone.  It would not matter you look for kudwal gems, pukhraj, neelam gemstone, ruby or any other one; the following points are going to help you.

Pick the Right Gemstones

The foremost factor to remember in this context is to pick the right stone. Thus, getting recommendations from a well-known, renowned and seasoned astrologer can help you in getting a proper analysis of your horoscope. He is rightly and accurately going to instruct you compatible stones with a specific metal. At the same time, you must also keep in mind that incompatible gemstones might fetch you negative and ill effects. So,  it is always better if you consult an expert before you buy any stone.

Don’t do any compromise with Quality and Clarity

Another crucial factor is to check the quality and clarity of gemstone in the context of cut and transparency. Manifold types of stones come with marks, internal cuts and even that of marks. Unless the spot is natural, gemstones with such defects must be rejected immediately. On the contrary, the gemstone needs to be natural and original without any specialized chemical treatments. The charm of the stone should not be uneven and it requires to be uniform in nature. The shades of a real gemstone are not going to alter. Of course, if you stay attentive about these things, you can end up purchasing a perfect and a right gemstone.

Wearing gemstone on Suitable Day

It is important that you wear the stone at the right day and time. In this instance, choosing an auspicious day may be assistive. However, the planet associated with the gemstone must be strong on the day of wearing the stone.  It makes a great impact on the wearer.

Test the aptness of the gemstone

When you have bought the correct stone, you must test it to check out its suitability. Just place it under your pillow at night or just wear it with other gemstone touching your skin. Refrain from wearing it after seven days in case you notice horror thoughts, health problems or even wicked news. 


So,  you can buy certified gemstonesonline and ensure that you have the right pieces to wear on the right days. After all, a good gemstone is not enough if you do not wear it on the right day and time.

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