Where to find the best Mixer and Juicer for your kitchen?


A mixer grinder is one of the most significant kitchen appliances, since it aids in the completion of a variety of chores. A mixer can perform a variety of activities, including mixing, grinding, and blending. When purchasing a mixer grinder, there are various factors to consider, including the motor speed, the number of jars available, and the overall quality. We’ve produced a list of the best mixer grinders in India to assist you in making your decision.

For best devices you can also go for best juicer in India for your handy work in the kitchen. We grew up hearing its high-pitched grinding noise while our mother/father made sour coriander chutney to go with the dosas or a spicy dish with pureed tomatoes and onions.

What you look when selecting best mixers for your kitchen?

Whenever, a mother look something for her kitchen she always get sure about the product applications. Most importantly main thing is to focus on the product is their benefits and multiple ways to use. Here are some magical main points to keep in mind while purchasing for your kitchen.


Wattage is the first important thing that comes first while purchasing for kitchen. Grinding tougher ingredients at a quick speed need a higher wattage. In an Indian kitchen, appliances between 500 and 750 watts will be sufficient.


The RPM of a mixer grinder is also imperative since it specify how quickly the cutting edge can rotate per minute. For most favorable operation, a juicer mixer grinder should have a short to medium RPM. Liquids or spices may not be mix together or ground enough at a higher RPM. Come across for mixer grinders with a speed manage knob/button so you can adjust the settings as needed.


The more jars there are, the better. To satisfy your needs, go for a mixer grinder with two or three jars of varied facility. One can be used to crush spices, another to make chutneys, and yet another for juicing. To withstand the daily wear and tear in the kitchen, a sturdy body and a break-resistant lid are required. For a safe clutch, look for an ergonomically built grip.


Because blades are the ones who perform all the work, it seems sense to check their quality. Make sure that the material is stainless steel, preferably grade 304. The steel grade is important because it determines whether or not the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion.


If the companies supply you with a good warranty on your product, you may be positive that it is of high superiority. When choosing a model, look for an assurance that variety from two to five years. Look for the best motor work with a individual warranty. Your machine will be safeguarded for a longer amount of instance as a result of this.


Finally, but certainly not least! The cost of your mixer grinder will be determined by the features it provides as well as its overall quality. There are quite a few low-cost solutions available, but they may be short of the best features. We recommended valuable products like best hand mixer manufacturers for your easily accessible daily work at kitchen.

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