Which dry fruits have to be consumed for better health?

Rich in protein, vitamins, dietary fibres and minerals, dry fruits always make a healthy and delicious snack. There are many health experts who want people to ear dry fruits on a regular basis in order to stay healthy.

One can easily buy dry fruits online and then add them to their daily diet. Here are some variations that one must add to their eating habits:


This is a healthy substitute for any conventional snack option. Almonds can be eaten anytime of the day. They have zero cholesterol and they are rich in anti oxidants. One can get relief from constipation issues if they have almond on a regular basis. They also save one from heart disorders and respiratory problems. It is also good for hair and skin health.


These are the nuts which have plenty of health benefits and they are a rich source of Vitamin B6 and E. Because of its rich texture one can add them to various dishes. In fact, one can make a paste out of cashews and use them in a lot of recipes to make it creamy.


This variation is made from dehydrated grapes and they can be used in both savoury and sweet food items. They have a few health benefits like it helps in digestion and reduce the acidity level.


It is a shelled and nutty delight which has a lot of nutrition. They are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, dietary fibres, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants.


They are good for heart because it can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in a human body. In fact, they can also prevent diabetes and boost the immunity power of an individual if they are consumed at a regular interval.


They can be used in various sweet dishes and they can also be consumed on their own. Dates are said to be rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and natural sugar. It can provide relief from constipation and can also treat someone who is suffering from anaemia.


Consuming apricots can provide at least half of the daily vitamin A requirement in a human body. In fact, a single serving of it can be a good source of Vitamin E, potassium and copper. There are anti oxidants, Vitamin A and C present as well which can protect the cells from the damage that are caused by free radicals. One must eat apricots daily in summer. The dried ones are not only good for skin and eyes but they are also great for the immunity system.

One can always buy mixed dry fruits online for consumption purposes. But they must remember that, not all dry fruits are super foods. There are only a few that can meet one’s daily need especially the ones which are mentioned above. One must be sure while buying dry fruits because they must go for the organic produce. Some of them can be high in calories as well and so if one wants to consume them on a daily basis, they need to do that in moderation.

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