White Radio Host Becomes Next Karen to Lose Her Job After Harassing Spanish-Speaking New Hampshire Workers


Are you starting to suspect that certain Karens are getting on this “You ’bout to lose yo’ job” train with a motive? It could be that a number of white folks have devised an ingenuous way to get rid of their jobs or are so out of touch they aren’t yet able to catch on to the growing trend of viral discrimination that can have immediate effects. One of these scenarios is the reason for the New Hampshire Karen radio host fired who …*checks notes *…recorded her own sloppy self during the course of a racist rant . She was making a fuss about Spanish-speaking employees for not being able to communicate in English when she was in their presence. The show of bigotry continued even after the intervention of a Black person intervened.

Former WSMN 1590 talk radio host Dianna Ploss posted a video on Facebook Live showing her berating landscapers in Nashua, N.H., by shouting repeatedly at them, “It’s America. Speak English!”

Note: Dianna Ploss is not to be confused with Black R&B iconic Diana Ross. However, I’ve heard Ploss has a few of hits herself, including: “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…To Keep Me From Hanging Nooses,” “I’m Coming Out…As the Racist You Already Knew I was,” “Stop in the Name of…I’m About to Call the Police for No Reason” and “Ease on Down the Road…Which You Don’t Belong on Anyway, Blacky.”

Ploss is heard on the video assuming that those she was harassing were employed by New Hampshire. New Hampshire. After being told from one employees (who was more patient than I) of the fact that their company was a private business, Ploss asked them the name of the company and demanded they communicate in English.

The camera then pans across the entire area before speaking (presumably) about her fans.

“So there are people who don’t know English who are doing this stuff…that taxpayers pay for…and take a look at the things they’re doing. It’s Communism!” (Just to save you from the Google searches, people who speak Spanish and ignoring their own minding their own business isn’t communism.)

Then the incident ended, a Black man sporting masks on his face who was eating lunch near by was confronted by Ploss and asked her why she was making a nuisance of the employees.

“They should be speaking English,” Ploss replied. “Are they illegal immigrants? Are they not speaking in the same languages?” She then asks, “Why do you care? I’m not speaking to you.”

The Black man replied, “Because you’re harassing them,” to which the most Kareny Karen in Karensville replies, “I have a right!” (Just to spare you the trouble of a Google search white people don’t have the right to verbally assault and berate random pedestrians just because they’re angry at the language they’re using.)

Then, after asking the Black man to explain why his mask was being worn, the man replied, “Because there’s a global pandemic sweeping the globe Ploss was able to turn the camera toward her, so that she could adress her fans.

“Okay, so this guy decided he’s gonna come over here and be a social justice warrior,” she stated. “Because that he’s a absence man. He’s going to protect his brunette male from this woman who is a white woman…white privilege because she happened to pass along and she heard him speaking to the other people working here speaking in Spanish.”

Somewhere, you need to tackle white Americans the bizarre fascination with everyone speaking English. What’s the issue? This isn’t like Ploss was angry due to her inability to talk to the employee who was working for her. They weren’t speaking to her in any way They were just speaking Spanish to each other. One could claim that white people’s inability to think about their mother’s business leads them to looking for everyone else to speak an language they be able to comprehend, but it has to go deeper than that.

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