Why is Customized Branded Shipping Boxes Necessary?


Many business owners often find their fragile goods turn into wreckages upon arriving at their final destination. Customers complain about the services and the image of the brand ruins. It is mainly because they don’t pack and ship their items in the right shipping boxes. This can be avoided by using suitable packaging material that certifies protection against all the humps and bumps. The material that also makes sure that boxes provide defense against the carelessness of moving companies.

Today, online shopping has become more of a trend and customers have started to buy things online more often. However, building trust regarding brand comes first. How any brand build’s customer’s trust? Yes, it is the product, but there is another aspect too. The shipping packaging plays the most important role in gaining customer’s trust.

In the e-commerce business, packaging holds extreme value in making and breaking the brand’s image in the market. Of course, the packaging is the last message of your brand to your potential customers, so it has to be sturdy and not so boring. Being an online retailer, one of the most important that you need to put under consideration is that your products get to your online customers without any breakage or damage. It all makes sense that when your items reach your customers safely, it will help in reducing returns which ultimately increase profit.

With that being said, while manufacturing shipping packaging, you need to be very considerable. With the upsurge in online shopping, receiving packages is not unusual for customers. They might receive boxes from Amazon and Zappos which they trust and are familiar with. So does it matter if yours stands out? Yes, it does matter tons! In short, branding of your shipping packaging can have a great impact on your bottom line and customers. If you are an online retailer, you have come to the right place to learn why custom shipping boxes is necessary and how it can make a huge difference. To learn about them, be sure to read till the end!

Benefits of Custom Shipping Boxes

Now that most companies know how important shipping packaging can be they pay attention to both outer boxes and the internal packaging materials that provide enough cushioning to the goods. They know for a fact their business relies on the type of packaging they use. Obviously, if your products will reach its destination safely, it will build your customer’s trust, and if not, then you’ll only lose your customer’s. Usually, paperboard, corrugated, and cardboard shipping boxes are used for shipping goods. Depending on how delicate the item is, the shipping material is selected.

Cardboard shipping boxes are often used to ship packages. While the items are delicate, a little heavy-duty material is needed, and that is where corrugated cartons come really handy. They have become the top choice for brands as they are the most effective solution for shipping more delicate products. It concludes that if you need your online business to grow, you need to use high-quality boxes and customization is the way to go. Here are a few benefits of choosing customized shipping boxes.

  1. Custom Boxes Makes Your Brand Look Good

Don’t miss out any chance that you get to impress your customers and what could be a great way to impress them by customizing your shipping packaging. You might have noticed that most companies use plain brown cardboard shipping boxes to send their products in. That doesn’t help allure customers at all. If you want your brand to be presented in a good way, then you need to give your shipping packaging a little makeover. Put creativity into making a shipping box design unique, and you’ll notice how much customers love to receive products in that.

  1. You can Stand Out from the Crowd

As discussed earlier, many brands ship their products in plain brown boxes. You need to do something different from that. Make your packaging as attractive as you possibly can and show your customers that you care about their unboxing experience. Make your packaging beautiful enough that it will become the only option for your customers. Offering your customers uniqueness will help in attracting more consumers and will help in retaining present. Reinforce your brand status with unique and distinctive packaging and tell customers that online shopping is not that boring anymore.

  1. Custom Shipping Boxes Encourages Repeat Business

Hopefully you don’t want your customer’s first order to be the last regardless of what type of products you sell online. Be it any cosmetic item or any electronic product; the goal of your online business is to gain more customers and retain existing ones. The packaging you offer is part of what you are offering to your customers. According to the Shorr Packaging survey, 29% of the online buyers say that would buy products again because of the custom shipping boxes. It is the packaging that impresses customers in the first place and encourages them to buy again and again.

  1. Reinforces Your Brand Message

If you want to deliver the message of your brand to your customers, then you have to consider every bit of communication you do as a business. Having just social media presence and logo is not enough. The brand’s message extends to the boxes you sell your products in. Reinforce your brand’s message with the help of shipping boxes with logo, brand name, email, and other essential information on the shipping boxes. If you haven’t considered your shipping boxes as the part of your branding, then think again. This article was intended to change your mind, and we hope that you’ve understood that shipping packaging can also be creative and help in building your online business.

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