Why social bookmarking is Important?

Social bookmarking is a method of website promotion that is actively promoted by many SEO-specialists as a way to get additional traffic and increase performance in search engines. In practice, the rainbow picture of the described prospects is far from ideal.

Bookmarks on the Internet are similar to traditional book options and serve to highlight interesting information for the convenience of its subsequent viewing.

Simply put, with the help of bookmarks you can save information about the site / specific page in the browser memory or on a special service that offers services for creating personal accounts for storing such information.

Why social bookmarking?

The main reason for using social bookmarks by ordinary Internet users is the unreliability of software. Browsers tend to lose working capacity, along with all the accumulated information pname com skype raider.

And in some of them, there are restrictions on the number of bookmarks. Reinstalling the system does not always leave the user a chance to save bookmarks.

As a result, sometimes it turns out to be much more convenient to add bookmarks directly to a special service available for visiting from any device through authorization. And all carefully selected sites will always be at hand.

Of course, the emergence of a new type of service did not go unnoticed by optimizers and webmasters. Social Media bookmarking has come to be seen as a promising area for website promotion, along with directories.

This means that the number of bookmarks a site should have a direct impact on the growth of site performance. In practice, this works in only one direction – it allows you to speed up the indexing of a web resource by search robots.

Of course, if a site simultaneously bookmarks a couple of thousand users, this will certainly affect its trust performance. But is it possible to imagine such a collective madness in reality?

Social bookmarking as a promotion method

Of course, the method used by webmasters cannot be attributed to the options of “white” or legal optimization.

In particular, “promotion through bookmarks” implies a “run” of the site for the most popular services from the category of social bookmarks.

And for the growth of indicators, tens and hundreds of “fake” accounts are used, at the same time adding a “super-useful” site to the category of favorites.


An important point: mass adding a site to social bookmarks requires some effort. In particular, creating a unique description for each bookmark.

Otherwise, links with copied text simply “stick together” and will be counted as one link, regardless of their actual number.

Among the popular “bookmarking” services on the network are:

  • ru
  • ru
  • ru
  • ru.

And to automate the process of adding a site to social bookmarking services, you can use the bposter.net service.

With it, you can create bookmarks in various services, using proxies and without it vumoo, while the percentage of successful registration of accounts and adding bookmarks will be quite high – about 50% and higher.

True, for free accounts, only manual or semi-automatic mode of operation is available (having certain restrictions), while holders of paid VIP accounts can add bookmarks in auto mode.



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