Your Guide to the Density of Memory Foam mattress

You will not see many companies talking about the term density when it comes to explaining a few of the major specs of the foam mattress. In India, we have observed the major buy of memory foam mattresses in Chennai. Why? Because they know where to invest and what are the specs they are looking for, including the density they require.

So, what does the density of the foam in a mattress mean?

It is a measurement that enables the customer to compare the amount of matter foam has to its volume. We measure this in kilogram per cubic meter i.e. kg/m3.  To simplify this measurement, the weight of a 1m x 1m x 1m block of foam, that will indicate the density of that foam.

You can always find a mattress with three types of densities. We will make you learn everything about the density and how they matter while you are sleeping on them.

  1. High-Density foam mattress

Usually, this is the one people talk about at last, because the higher the density the higher is the cost of the mattress. But, this is a mattress which has proven to give the best performance in the Indian market and especially you can see the sale of these mattresses in Chennai. The high-density foam mattress is 2.35kg or more per cubic foot. This is one product that will offer you superior support and will last longer than any other mattress.

If you are looking for a long term investment in a mattress, then this is your pick. These are the ideal buy for the people with back pain, body pain and people with blood pressure. This is a perfect buy for the people who love to sleep warm and have a heavyweight as it does not sink in easily. Also, it is great for couples and people who move around a lot while sleeping.

  1. Medium Density Foam Mattress

This is the second most desired foam mattress that you can search for all over the world. The density of the foam should have at least 1.5kg to 1.8kg per cubic foot. This kind of mattress keeps your body uplifted while you lay on it and provides great support for an average sleeper. These mattresses are reasonable in price and give you great comfort and blend with your body shape easily.

If you are buying a memory foam mattress for the first time, then this should be your call. These mattresses do last long and can fit into your budget well. It is ideal for the people who love to sleep on their side and for the people who want a cozy experience wither partners. These do not soften easily and springs back faster making your every sleep as perfect as possible.

Low-Density Foam Mattress

People who love to change their mattresses after a certain period should always prefer this foam mattress. The density of these mattresses should be 1.30kg or lower per cubic foot. If you love the soft bed, this can be your ideal purchase as you’ll sink in it more quickly and get hugged by the bed in no time. If you have a low budget and want to get something perfect, this is one choice that you should not think about twice. They are light in weight and can be easily imported from one place to another.

Comparing to a high and medium density foam mattress, low-density foam mattresses provide greater airflow in the mattress maintaining your ideal body temperature and does not produce heat. This mattress is ideal for the people who sleep on their back and side and for the couples too as it allows them to have a perfect cuddling experience. Also, it has one major advantage that it does not lock any kind of odor and let you sleep well.

Buying a new mattress was never easy, but now you have the best knowledge that can help you buy that perfect memory foam mattress that you have been searching for. It’s your call to choose among high, medium and low-density mattresses, as now you know which kind of mattress will suit your body and budget easily.

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