Your humble guide for choosing a car accident attorney in LA


People often have a tough time dealing with the consequences of a car accident. Unfortunately, crashes, collisions, and fender benders are quite common on the roads of Los Angeles. If you ever have the misfortune of getting injured in such a crash, you should seek legal advice at the earliest. Choosing between car accident attorneys Los Angeles is another battle altogether. For your help, we have a 101-guide that will make the job easier. 

  1. Make a list. There are various ways to make a list of potential accident attorneys in your area. Online sites like Nolo are really handy, and most law firms in LA have websites. If you ask around and get names from friends or family members, consider doing that. The idea is to find at least a couple of reliable names. 
  2. Start with reviews. If an attorney claims to specialize in car accident lawsuits, they will have a credible profile. Check what other clients have to say about a law firm. People are unlikely to post reviews for generic work. If you want to go a step ahead, just ask the lawyer for a few references. 
  3. Check the response. Did you manage to reach the lawyer’s office on your first attempt? Did the staff help you with the queries? Did they offer an appointment with one of their attorneys? How long did it take to get a response? Consider answering these questions before you select a lawyer. 
  4. Meet the lawyer soon. Consulting an attorney for your accident claim may feel intimidating, but the right professional can simplify things considerably. Always ask questions related to their work and experience. You should also ask about the worth of your accident claim and if the matter can end up in court. 
  5. Ask about trial experience. Most auto accident claims in LA have out-of-court settlements, but there are exceptions. If the insurance offer is too less or your case has better merit, you need an attorney to take the case to trial. Not all lawyers have adequate courtroom confidence, which could be a deciding factor. 

You should also consider asking about the fee of the attorney. When it comes to car accidents and personal injury lawsuits, lawyers usually take a contingency fee, which is payable only if you win a settlement. The fee may vary between 33% and 40%, depending on the work involved. Paying a tad more is never a bad idea if you find the right accident lawyer.   

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