5 Best Tips To Do Performance Reviews


The performance review is very important to every employee. Ultimately they are what decide the appraisal amount for the employee. However, this often leaves the employees disappointed. The reason can be many but this blog is written just to make sure your wrong appraisal methodology towards appraisal isn’t the reason.

In this blog, we tell you how besides using appraisal management software, you can improve and be fair enough during appraisals. Take a look.

● A review isn’t a lecture but a conversation-
Performance reviews are often misinterpreted as sessions wherein managers tell the employees how well or not so well the employees are working. In reality, the performance review session is meant for the employee and manager, both to acknowledge the highs and lows of not just the employee but the company too. However, some managers call the employee for a meeting, ask them a few questions for the sake of formality and then review the performance, tell them the appraisal and end the meeting.
Honestly, it is quite unfair to do so.

● Gather feedback from colleagues-
The employee may have done a lot of work, has been very kind or helpful to a colleague or might have been a source of motivation and positivity for the team. You may not be knowing how much effortful they have been but colleagues would be. So, it is always important to take a step ahead of the KRAs and KPIs in the appraisal management software. The feedback about an employee from co-workers can serve as an additional parameter for fair appraisal. As the employee may not have a habit of telling even the minutest effort he has made out and loud to you.

● Set goals beforehand-
If you are using an appraisal management software, you should set the KRAs and KPIs for every employee according to their job profile timely. Some managers even tell their employees later that there KRAs were not set timely o they will be reviewed properly next year and for the current appraisal, they are made to suffice with a nominal amount.

● Start with positive components-
Always ask the employee about his experience and let him speak and open up. To ease the conversation, you should start off with what you like about them and then later you can ask about the pitfalls. For instance, where they would want you or the organisation to improve.

● Hold quick meetings-
As mentioned before, because of less interaction with the team or an employee, in particular, you may not know how dedicatedly they are doing their work. So, you should try to hold meetings wherein the employees tell what they have done.

If you have understood the aforementioned points clearly, you will be able to do fair appraisals. The performance review meetings not only help you in appreciating the effort of the employees but also put your managerial skills to test. There will be some or the other employee who will still be unhappy with the hike or perks he will get. For them, appraisal management software is always there to justify your actions in your favor.

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