6 Door Decor Ideas For Your New Home 


While decorating your new home, don’t overlook the potential of your doors. Doors are more than just a functional element of your home; they can also serve as a canvas for creative expression. They are the first thing guest see while entering your house. Here are six decor ideas to transform your doors from ordinary to extraordinary.

Welcome with a wreath

A classic way to decorate your front door is with a wreath. Wreaths come in an array of styles, materials, and sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits your taste and the architecture of your home. Try a wreath made of grapevine or twigs for a natural and rustic look. If you prefer a more colourful and playful look, opt for a wreath made of flowers or pom-poms. Wreaths are versatile and can be switched out seasonally or for special occasions.

Add a pop of colour with paint

Painting your door is a simple yet impactful way to add personality to your home. Choose a bold colour that complements the colour scheme of your house, or go for a contrasting colour for a dramatic effect. For a subtle look, paint only the doorframe or add a colourful border around the door. Painting your door is also a budget-friendly way to refresh the look of your home without breaking the bank. Make sure the paint compliments your hardware. You can also buy fancy hardware to match your palette on the net by typing door hardware online.

Go bold with decals

Decals are a fun and temporary way to decorate your doors. They come in different designs, from floral to geometric, and are easily discardable when ready for a change. Decals are great for renters or anyone who does not want to commit to a permanent decor element. You can also use decals to add a playful touch to your kids’ rooms or to personalize your home office.

Embrace the beauty of glass

If you have glass doors, you can decorate them with frosted or stained glass. Frosted glass adds a touch of elegance and privacy to your home while allowing natural light to filter through. Stained glass adds a colourful and artistic element to your home and is customizable to your taste. If you don’t want to commit to permanent glass decor, you can use window film to achieve a similar effect.

Showcase your style with hardware

Hardware is often overlooked but can make an impact. Choose hardware that matches the style of your home, whether it’s modern, traditional, or eclectic. You can also mix and match hardware styles for a unique look. Don’t forget about doorknobs, hinges, and locks that can be upgraded for a more cohesive and stylish look. Discuss your choices with your door hardware suppliers.

Create a statement with a mural

If you want a bold and creative look, paint a mural on your door. You can paint a scenic landscape, a geometric pattern, or a whimsical design. A door mural is also a great conversation starter and will make a lasting impression on guests. Experiment with different decor elements and have fun transforming your doors from ordinary to extraordinary.

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