6 Electric Bike Benefits You Might Not Know


It is known that urban mobility is much more than an alternative to transport, it is also a determining factor for the health of those who live in large cities. After all, a more sustainable city is also healthier. Are you tired of wasting most of your day stuck in traffic? If so, maybe it’s time for you to think about an alternative means of transport that allows active commuting – and automatically improve your lifestyle. In this scenario, an electric bike can help you a lot!

In addition to helping you to have a healthier life and get away from traffic, the electric bike will also help you save money. Here are some benefits of the electric bike that you might not know about. Check out:

1. Sustainable choice

In the urban development conditions we currently have, a healthy city requires fewer cars and more alternative transport options. The electric bicycle is one of the options that offers a more sustainable path. According to a study, when cycling you can save, on average, 360g of CO² per month, in addition to earning six hours a day to enjoy.

2. A healthier life

Despite engine assistance, physical movement on a daily basis brings several health benefits. Many fans of the electric bike report major changes in quality of life and self-esteem when maintaining a pedaling routine. And the benefits appear in physical and mental health and disposition. Riding an electric bicycle is not exactly the same as a motorcycle. You still have to use “power”. In one study, the average calories expended during electric cycling was greater than when someone was cycling conventionally.

3. Change in relationships with people

Many supporters report that they have a new look at the city. Active transport allows for relationships with people along the way. With an electric bike, one can explore further and more thoroughly because this means of transportation is more flexible than a car. Electric bike users can explore villages with difficult contours without worrying about experiencing obstacles. You can also play with your child. Why don’t you give him an electric bike for kids?

4. Save time

The electric bicycle is a great alternative to optimize your daily life. After all, by opting for it you can get away from the traffic at peak times, in addition to greatly reducing the journey time. Electric bikes can be very fast. Some of them can even reach the average speed of a motorbike. Of course, it’s a lot of fun imagining you’re pedaling a really fast bike. 

5. Comfort and practicality

The electric bike is a variation on the regular bike. In other words, you can either pedal your bike normally or enjoy the practicality of the engine whenever you want. Do you know that climb that makes you tired just by looking at it? With the electric bike you choose whether you want to sweat on hills. The electric bike works from the assisted pedal system (pedelec) and requires the user to pedal for the engine to function. Power is released from ¼ of a turn on the pedal and progresses smoothly to full throttle. It has a maximum speed of 25 km/h, has no throttle and the engine has a maximum power of 350W.

6. Long-term savings It is an investment that, like any other, will bring its rewards in the medium/long term. Compared to other vehicles, you will not have fuel costs and annual taxes, and maintenance is simpler and cheaper too. In the long run, you will save a lot of your money. In this New Normal situation, saving money can mean a lot.

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