Advantages of Credit and Debit Card Protection Plan from Bajaj Finserv

Just how different devices have empowered us with technology and its benefits, Credit and Debits card are a considerably big revolution when it comes to money. Before Our ancestors would have never imagined that a plastic card with a magnetic strip can store lakhs of rupees. As it is said that with great power comes great responsibility, it can be understood that credit and debit cards should be protected as they hold great power.

Debit cards allow us to pay bills and withdraw cash, whereas credit cards allow us to purchase electronics or pay hospital bills, granting us the confidence to deal with all problems that may come in our life. However, if we lost a precious credit card, it can put our savings and our mental peace under risk.

Benefits of Credit and Debit Protection Plan

While losing all your cards in a rush or during travel can be devastating, there is a way to get instant protection from such problems – Wallet Care Protection. Essentially, the Wallet Care Protection Plan was designed to help people by preventing losses due to theft or fraud. Let’s understand the benefits of Wallet Protection Plan, out of which debit card insurance Plan are prerequisite. Here’s why:

Blocking All Your Cards at Once

When your wallet is lost, it can definitely cause anxiety and fear. While visiting cards and photos can be withdrawn from the cloud, money has to be highly protected at all times. In case of wallet theft, you might be trying to ring each one of your banks to request for cancellation. Wallet Care allows blocking all your cards in one go.

Global Coverage

Regardless of your location, a single phone call to help executives can solve the entire problem with ease. They will place a call to all the banks and NBFCs you own cards of and help you further.

Emergency Cash & Travel Assistance

While your cancellation is being taken care of, you also have the option of calling the helpine at 1800-419-400. Doing so will allow help executives to arrange for paying your hotel bills and will also provide emergency cash up to an amount which your current plan supports.

Protection Against Identity Theft and Fraud

The most common instances of credit card theft are manual pickpocketing of wallets. However, the new wave of internet fraud and identity theft in also increasing. Some tech-savvy thieves have also started using RFID devices to scan and abuse credit cards without manually stealing them. Wallet Care Plan provides protection against fraud, theft, counterfeiting, phishing, as well as skimming.

Replacement of ID

Some of the most critical piece of document for your safety when you are abroad is your ID. If theft can cause your ID to get out of your hands, Wallet Care protection can help you to replace your ID as soon as possible.

How Can You Get Wallet Care Membership?

It is extremely easy. You can just visit the online portal of Bajaj Finserv and select Wallet Care from the insurance section. After providing critical identification details, you complete online payment to receive your welcome kit.

Protect Your Precious Essentials with Wallet Care Plan

Bajaj Finserv aims to help at every step of your life and solve all your financial problems with ease. By opting for Wallet Care plan, you can safeguard your credit and debit card, your phone sim, and your identification documents. Furthermore, you will also be assisted through emergency cash, so you can safely return home. Your claims will be addressed as soon as possible by Bajaj Finserv.

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