All you need to about the upcoming LG QNED TVs

In light of the current television market scenario, the number of households possessing such appliances is expected to increase. It has been anticipated that the market will cross $13 billion by 2023. While the rising disposable income remained one of the reasons for this growth, several technological developments also played a significant role.

The launch of advanced models by some of the renowned brands has encouraged consumers to opt for Smart TVs like LG LED TV, Android TV, etc. Reportedly, LG is coming up with several new models to fulfil the customer requirements, which have increased in the presence of OTT platforms.

For instance, the upcoming LG QNED TVs have already escalated interest among Indian consumers with its unique specifications. Here is an overview of what to expect from these models.


QNED or quantum nano-emitting diode is a display technology, incorporated in LGs new television models. It combines quantum dot and NanoCell technologies. Even though the South Korean brand has not claimed such models to be the best TV in its lineup, this display will surely give LG an edge in the market.

This particular model will be equipped with Mini LED backlight technology that works on improving the picture quality by making it more bright and sharp. Viewers will get the opportunity to stream Netflix shows in better HDR image quality.

Features to be found in LG QNED TV

This particular LG LED TV model will comprise of the following characteristics:

  • ●       Up to almost 30,000 tiny LEDs will be incorporated, which will generate peak brightness along with a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.
  • These models will come in a wide array of screen sizes and different price range as well. Among all of them, the premium QNED TV will contain 2500 dimmable zones and 86 inch size, to incorporate impressive contrast, vibrancy and realism, unlike traditional LED TVs.
  • QNET TV models also come with a refresh rate of up to 120HZ that provides smooth and natural motion.

With such advancements, the price range might shift towards the expensive side. However, using easy financing options like Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, individuals can still cope with these high-value purchases. The card provides some unique benefits like flexible payments, minimal to zero down payment, apart from the traditional EMI facilities.

Moreover, cardholders can avail these benefits by visiting one of the 1 lakh plus network outlets located across 1900+ cities in India. Thus, TV affordability has never been easier thanks to such convenient funding options.  

Furthermore, the pre-approved offers provided by Bajaj Finserv can also make it easier to opt for credit before making such purchases. These offers are available on various financial products like business loans, credit cards etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting necessary details like name and contact number and get a decent deal on your preferred LG LED TV model. With enhanced colour reproduction, LG QNED TV models can be the first choice for users looking for satisfying visual experience. Especially for smart TV enthusiasts, this new LG model can be considered as the best TV to stream their favourite shows and movies.

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