Being an Asian Wearing Sharara Dress An Absolute Privilege


In this day and age, belonging to the South Asian community or being a part of a South Asian country seems like an absolute privilege. Yes, being a South Asian is a privilege. There, we said it.  The joys of enjoying different rituals according to the seasons and traditions, the satisfaction that comes after enjoying distinctive flavours in mouth-watering, spicy, sour, and delicious meals, and the sight of you dolling yourself up in exquisite sharara dress clothing is something a privileged being would know. Yes! You are fortunate, elite, and advantaged if you have tasted these colourful joys. 

Sharara Suit — The Go-To Wear In South Asian Weddings

Besides enjoying all of the glories we mentioned, the most delightful, blithesome, and gladdening yet stressful moment would be attending a South Asian wedding. Ehm, it is no secret anymore. Quick! Act surprised. 

Women from the world belonging to South Asian origins would understand the hard struggle of finding the picture-perfect dress to wear in the big, eventful, and colorful weddings. And we might also add, the competition is hard among them. Ghagra Choli, Saree, Sharara SuitAngrakha style Gowns, Gharara, Lahenga, Pishwaas, and the list goes on. These are ‘the most worn dresses in Asian weddings’ of all time. And would they not be? The dresses showcase the beautiful Asian culture, values, customs, and rituals. Yes, a dress can be a lot more than just an article of clothing. 


However, one is never lucky to find the perfect taste (hmmm, let’s say), Sharara Dressfor themselves while living abroad. However, since the internet began ruling the world, the much-stressful tasks are now easy for anyone. Libas e Jamilain the UK, offers a very versatile category of Asian clothes, selling your favorite article of Asian clothing. 

Sharara suit, originating all the way from Lucknow — India, has become a popular trend again among women, regardless of their ages, of Pakistan and India. Sharara Suit, once considered as the “Glory of Indian and Pakistani Weddings,” has made its appearance known again in today’s weddings fashion of both states. Not only the bride, the bridesmaids, young girls, and women of different ages wear Sharara dress in many events, be it the Reception, Baat Pakki, Rukhsati, or Mehendi. However, due to the change in era, the designers made sure to bring back the old — legendary styles but with a modern twist. That is why no women attending the same wedding would wear the same designed dress, although having the same dress style. And this is what fashion is all about!

Latest Trends Of Sharara Dress In Weddings 2020-2021

India and Pakistan, the lands that give birth to this exquisite dress, made Sharara their postulate of identity and took pride while showcasing their regional fashion to the world by putting forward their best-designed dress. And this is why Sharara dress has gained much fame in not only Indian or Pakistani wedding but also Bangladeshi weddings. Of course, with the modifications and changes in designs and style. 

These days, you may come across a variety of designs and styles in Sharara dresses. So much variety that you might be overwhelmed while choosing the perfect pick for you. But, after shortlisting the recent and favorite style of Sharara, worn by beautiful girls, we have gathered some of the looks you can try in the upcoming weddings. 

Medium Length Sharara Choli

The said design is much popular among young girls. Be it a bride or bridesmaid. Small or Medium-Length Shararas have always looked beautiful on young women adorning them. The design must include Zari and Gota work, heavy or subtle embroidery, stone-slash-pearl work, and the famous Tilla work. Every year, the modern-day designers put as much versatility they can while maintaining the traditional look whenever the wedding season comes by. 

Medium Length sharara dress choli

Bridal or Barat Sharara Dress

What is a wedding all about? The bride and groom, you guessed it right!

As a bride, what excites and stresses you the most? Wearing a beautiful, toe-length dress that makes you look like the princess from Aladin or the character from your favourite fantasy movie. And if not that then, the idea of seeing yourself in the mirror while wearing an absolutely gorgeous dress does stir you a bit. Well, doesn’t it?  

It is no secret that the dress makes the bride ‘look different’ from many other young women in an event. And hence why choosing the most suitable yet elegant dress is necessary. And hence also why most women pick Barat Style Long Sharara Dresses to look unique and pretty on their big day. 

Double Shirt Sharara Dress

Talk about versatility, time has brought us many changes. From modifications in culture, beliefs, rituals, traditional clothes, and cuisines, we have seen and experienced different changes over time. Although not every change and swap made us a big fan, we mostly enjoyed and appreciated most of them. The chance to wear a long-double shirt Sharara dress is one of them. 

From little girls to adult ladies, the double shirt has become a fairly common fashion style. Be it Lehenega, Angrakha, Sharara, or Gharara. The double shirt design rocked all of the said styles of Indian and Pakistani fashion. It is not surprising to see this style still in fashion and famous among young women. 


Indian and Pakistani fashion is not much different from each other. Part of the reason is that, not long ago, both states shared the same land. And that is why, even now, the similarities have come across the borders and the wedding fashion remained the same throughout these years. 

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