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Vacations or Holidays is one of the most satisfying words to hear. Whenever someone announces about the vacation or any vacation season is on the way, we all get excited and starts planning where to go to make the vacation memorable. Many people choose beaches, mountains, camping, trekking and many other places to enjoy their vacation and have a wonderful time. For beaches and mountains, we can simply book hotels or lodges for our wonderful stay. But for camping and trekking, we need tents as most of the trekking and camping spots don’t have hotels or lodges. So, if you are a trek or a camp lover you might find this article suitable as it is solely related to the types of tents that are used in camping and trekking.

You must have seen small tents which have a cloth and some rods or bamboos with which you can hold your tent. But have you ever used luxury resort tents, the tents which comes like a whole small portable house? Below are the types of luxury resort tents.

Types of luxury resort tents

  • Ultra-Luxury Resort Tent
  • Luxury Resort Tent
  • Indian Resort Tent
  • Camping Tent

Now let us see a brief on the tents mentioned above.

Ultra-Luxury Resort Tents

One of the best of best tents which will give you a total homely experience. You can find everything in these tents from a mattress bed to a kitchen. Though it is a bit costly, it is worth spending money on these types of tents. The resort owners who have their resorts and lodges in the middle of a forest or a safari destination, buy these tents for their resorts to accommodate their customers and guests. These tents come from the luxury resort tents manufacturers, so you don’t have to worry about the materials of the tent. Some of the names of the Ultra-Luxury Resort tents are:

  • Ganesha
  • The Villa Tent
  • The Platinum
  • Mughal-E-Taj
  • Noor Mahal
  • Surya Villa
  • Wild Paradise

These are the ultra-luxury resorts made up of fine swiss material clothing. These have a dressing room, bedroom, and washrooms. The windows of these tents are made up of high-quality UPVC material and roof is made up in three layers protecting against the sun rays and rains.

Luxury Resort Tents

A slightly lower than the ultra-luxury resort, luxury resorts can also be your choice if your budget is a bit low. The Luxury resort tents are manufactured by Swiss Tents manufacturers which gives a bold and stronghold and look to the tents. As the swiss brand is the luxury resort tent manufactures, you need not to worry about the stability of the tents. You can enjoy your trekking or camping vacation to the fullest with these tents. Some of the names of Luxury Resort Tents are:

  • Safari Villa
  • Night Safari
  • Luxury Restaurant Tent
  • Mud-Land Restaurant Tent
  • White Forest
  • Container Tent

Each tent mentioned above is good in its features. Tents mentioned above has features like wooden side walls, PVC fabrics used in front side, windows made of glass plus aluminum, floors are made of a wooden panel, bedroom, washroom, and also, they are equipped with mosquito nets too.

Indian Resort Tent

The best creation from the luxury resort tent manufacturers in Indian Style. If you want to experience Indian types houses, then you must try Indian Resort tents. It all comes from the design of Swiss tent manufactures giving your tent an astonishing look. Below is the list of some of the Indian Resort Tents:

  • Swiss Cottage
  • Royal Tent
  • Washroom Tent
  • Kabila Tent
  • Safari Swiss Cottage
  • Safari Resort
  • White Villa
  • Green Forest
  • African Safari Resort Tent

The list of Indian Resort tents inherits all the features of the other resort tents while some of them have extra features which depict the look of Indian houses. As the tents are made up of Swiss material they are strong in holding the tents.

So, which tent are you going to choose for your vacation?

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