How could one use Wonderfold W4 for multifunctional purposes? Fun Facts!


When dealing with multiple kids, a stroller wagon is the best option for mothers. In addition, the advanced design features of Wonderfold provide relief to parents. And they can enjoy their outdoor ventures with their kids. On the other hand, the Wonderfold W4 stroller provides a better option for those mothers with more than two kids because the W4 stroller can easily accommodate four little ones.

As the name indicates, the Wonderfold wagon W4 accommodates four children at a time. Mothers who have four kids should not waste their money on buying more strollers.  Instead, they should buy one W4 stroller for all their four kids. Parents can also use a W4 stroller for multi-purposes. It’s pretty big to accommodate the kids and other goods such as shopping bags, babies stuff, water bottles, mom’s purse, etc. This review will show that how mothers can use W4  for multi-purposes. Let’s have a look.

Design Features of W4 stroller wagon

The W4 stroller has some versatile and advanced features that make it a better choice for moms. Before buying a W4 stroller, a mother should know about its design features. Let’s see how its design made it a better choice for parents and kids.

Hold up to Four Passengers

Wonderfold W4 is a suitable option for moms having four kids because it offers four-passenger seats for carrying four kids. Four high face-to-face seats can easily hold four babies at a time. Another important fact is that the W4 stroller has a deep carriage with zippered ventilation and a zipper door for easy access and storage.  Therefore, mothers can carry their children in a W4 stroller and carry babies’ stuff and other accessories such as picnic stuff, water bottles, etc.

Slidable and Removable Canopy

Another very beneficial W4 stroller is a slidable canopy that is very effective against UV radiation protection. As a result, mothers can safely carry their children in a W4 stroller, even during summer. In addition, this removable canopy design feature makes sure to provide a comfy nap for kids.

Removable Seats

W4 stroller wagon has all the advanced features which make it a more consummate choice for mothers. The removable seats of the W4 stroller made it very easy for mothers to remove the seats when not needed. For example, if babies fall asleep during a walk, then mothers can easily stretch or remove the seats so that kids can sleep well. Another benefit of removable seats is that mothers can easily clean the stroller by removing the seats.  Finally, when kids have outgrown, and there is no need for a W4 stroller, mothers can remove the seats and use them for other grocery purposes, etc.

Removable Push Handle

W4 has a removable Push handle covered with leather, ensuring that mothers push the stroller without any trouble.

Extra storage on all sides

Other than the deep carriage, the Wonderfold wagon also has extra storage on all sides. In addition, it has small pockets on all sides, which can be used for Multi purposes by moms. For example, mothers can use the sides pockets for carrying water bottles, holding cell phones or chargers, snacks, baby feeders, and other stuff.

1-step foot brake system

While buying a stroller wagon, security and safety is the primary concern of mothers. Hence Wonderfold W4 stroller has 1- step foot brake system to ensure kids’ safety during travel on all kinds of terrains. The W4 stroller also has very strong all-terrain tires, which run the stroller smoothly on rough and jerky roads.

W4 can be used for Multi purposes

One of the marvelous things about the W4 stroller is that it can also use tasks other than holding and carrying kids. Parents can easily transform the stroller into a wagon for other activities when they have outgrown it and no longer need a W4 stroller. The removable seats and slidable canopy design feature of the W4 stroller have made this possible for parents to use the stroller for groceries, shopping, picnic, etc. Mothers can easily remove the seats when the kids have outgrown and use the stroller for daily routine activities. W4 stroller has approximately 300Ibs weight carrying capacity, so it can easily accommodate huge shopping bags and picnic chairs, water cooler, etc. Extra storage pockets are a plus point that enhances the carrying capacity of the W4 stroller. The W4 stroller also has optional pulling straps, which will help pull the stroller easily in the market or on the beach.

Sum Up

The advanced design features of the Wonderfold W4 stroller have made it a better option for mothers. This stroller can also be used for multi-functions, making it a more versatile and consummate choice for parents. Parents can turn it into a wagon when the kids have outgrown it by removing the seats and canopy fabric.

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