How much can you earn from Paytm money apps?

Have you ever tried Paytm earning apps, if not you may wonder how much can you earn from these applications?

So today we will discuss what is the potential earning a person can do if he uses 8 apps on average a day. I will discuss about those applications where you can earn Paytm cash by either playing games or spinning the wheel or by referring your friends.

 It is not important that everyone will earn same. It depends upon various factors such as which Paytm application are you using. There are various Paytm earning apps out in the market.  But the best Paytm app will make you more earnings than an application which is not popular because of the reason popular application have many user as a result developers are also earnings good money and they distribute money among users.

If you don’t know this fact, then let me tell you developers of the Paytm app pay money to users depending upon how much their apps earns. For example, if an application is earning $3000 per month it will distribute $1500 earnings among the users as a gift.

But if there is any application that is not popular, it will hardly earn any money and it will hardly pay anything to users.

So it’s really important to make sure that you choose the right application when you want to earn Paytm cash online.

So now let’s get back to our real topic how much can you earn from these apps

If you are using some good applications, you can at least earn 500-600 per day but you have to use all the features of these apps such as you have to use the feature of refer and invite friends, Spin the lucky wheel, play games and scratch cards or any other features that come with the applications.

Most applications will pay $0.78 per game you win, where as some applications will pay $2-3 per game you play. But if you want to earn more by playing games there are some applications that invite users to play paid tournaments or you can say you need to pay entry fees in order to play games the best thing about such applications is that you can earn good amount of money by these applications as they are paid tournaments.

If I talk about refer and earn features, you can earn good amount of money from such features because you are bringing new users to the application. So yes you should try to refer as many as friends you can in order. You can refer friends from Facebook, WhatsApp or by YouTube and earn Paytm cash.

The more friends you will refer the more you can earn money. Mostly some apps will pay you $0.89-$1 dollar average per.

If I talk about spinning features of the applications, you can also earn but mostly you will earn if you are lucky. You can earn from $0.20 – $1 dollars’ average

Now I would not talk much about daily check-in features because they sometimes pay money and sometimes they don’t but even if they pay money it will not be more than $0.10 or $0.30.

So decide for yourself which applications will work more for you. Try all the features and then see for yourself which application will work the best for you.

You may have heard about Fantasy apps? Right you should also try these application because they also pay good Paytm cash. But yes it doesn’t come for free also the best part is that you can earn without limits.

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