How to Check FASTag Balance


FASTag is a way to collect online tolls for vehicles. So, you can save time during your journey, but you have to make sure that your FASTag has enough balance. In the event that there is not enough credit in your FASTag account, you may face trouble. There are several ways to check FASTag balance online and offline. Every process is pretty straightforward. 

Let’s discuss the ways to check FASTag balance. 

Online Methods to check FASTag balance:

Below-mentioned are the easiest several methods to check the FASTag balance online. 

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Via FASTag Mobile Application:

FASTag balance can be checked in many ways. A simple one is the via FASTag mobile application. Take a look at the Google Play store and download the My FASTag app that is connected to your wallet. Login with your credentials by opening the app. After logging in, you can view your FAASTag balance conveniently. 

Login to FASTag Portal:

If you don’t want to try the method mentioned above, don’t worry, there is another one. You can log in to your account by visiting the FASTag portal. Go to the FASTag portal, place your login details, and log in to your account. When you log in, you can check your FASTag balance and see the record of your deductions and transactions done from your account. 

Offline Methods to check FASTag balance:

Along with online methods, there are plenty of offline methods available to check the FASTag balance. 

Check balance via SMS:

If you are having trouble following online methods, here is the simplest way for you. Whenever a transaction is made from your FASTag account, you receive a message on your number. So, to check your FASTag balance, check the last message in your inbox. 

Check balance via Email:

Along with the message, you also receive the confirmation email after deducting money from your account. So, you can check your email inbox and check the mail to see your balance. 

Via Customer Care:

NHAI FASTag users can check the FASTag balance by giving a missed call to the toll-free number +918884333331. Their free service is available 24/7. When you give a missed call, you will receive a message containing the details about your balance. 

The FASTag Mobile Application: 

Check out the MyFASTag app in the Google Play store and download it. After installing, open up your phone’s settings menu then follow these steps to log in onto a website that uses OTPs (One Time Passwords) because this application only allows users with accounts to check balances for their FAastags! Once logged into account go ahead and view how much money you have available at any given time by clicking on View Balance from the Account Details page or tap “View load” under the Activity section which will redirect the user straightaway towards his/her online banking portal when clicked upon- depending upon account holder’s choice.

MyFASTag balance will show up on the top right corner of your screen so go ahead and check it out, wait for a second…there is a problem isn’t there? No “average” value has been displayed neither has the total amount available because MyFASTag balance will only be displayed via OTP which you do not have currently! 

This is how my FASTag page looks like; my points are not lost they are just displayed as unavailable (grey instead of black). Don’t worry, they appear to be grey due to restrictions imposed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) but this obscures them from making their mark on everyday transactions! A few more clicks and taps around

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