How to Simplify a Document Translation?


As a translator or a novice linguistic enthusiast, you certainly want the translation to reflect your skills for the better to ensure client appeasement and repetitive business. A translation can become just as quickly as complicated to its simplified version if a correct course of action is not adopted. Consider the following steps to forward expertly crafted translation each time one after the other.

Plan the translation

A document translation is similar to hastily working on a project and then remembering to revise it right before the deadline. A French document translation will contain errors and ill-translated phrases if the linguist does not plan well. It will internally compromise the content. As a result, the translation will not hold its reasoning.

A linguist is asked to complete a specific word ceiling per day. Assuming you are an expert. In that case, you can produce quality translations up to a specific limit. Therefore, a project manager is advised to hear the concern rather than impose additional work. As an expert in any field, you will notice the quality dies down during the day.

Specialized translation

The source documents must be transferred to the translator with relevant background. For example, a medical French document translation must not be forwarded to linguists with financial knowledge. A translation service knows how to allocate its resources to add value to the services. The concept is similar to buying bread from a butcher—it is non-sensical.

Furthermore, provide advertising documents to a linguist with a marketing background. They will optimize the content with SEO practices to generate more online presence. As a result, the client will earn more revenue, and you have attracted a long-term client. Everyone wins.

Format the translation

A comprehensive translation is not completed without formatting. Primarily speaking, a document translation is half the process without design. A French document translation is revised until it reads cohesively. Errors and sentence structure is simplified by proofreading.

Most linguistic services have hired a separate editing department to instantly edit the translation after its first draft. Furthermore, the linguist is also requested to ask for assistance rather than submitting an ill-prepared translation. Revisions usually increase the cost, adds extra work, increase the burden, and scare off the client for future projects.

Aiding the translator

Before the translator accepts the task, they must inquire about the requirements and expectations of the client. The following is an example of instructional briefing attached to a French document translation quote:

·      Description of tonal voice, writing format, and punctuation use.

·      Limiting the words in the sentences.

·      Numerical format and counting

·      Listing the acceptable and unacceptable terms in the translation

·      Additional instructions that fit the scenario

With a detailed set of instructions, the project manager can assist the translator in performing the translations. The linguists welcome any guide that will make their job easier, especially since the linguistic sector is challenging already.

Do not use AI tools

A translation service that uses solely AI to produce translation is not your best friend. Though AI is ideal for the occasional use, it will provide a generic output completely unacceptable for real-life use. AI tools such as linguistic software and Google translate does not translate custom terms and cultural phrases that add worth the translation performed by the human mind.

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