How to Write an Effective Dissertation Proposal

If you want to create a great dissertation, you need to create an effective proposal. The proposal in the dissertation is fundamental and help you secure great academic scores in your final semester.

If you have mastered the art of writing proposal then be assured that you have won half the battle.

If you are a student and pursuing your masters and doctoral degree then you must be seeking for dissertation writing help.

To guide you to write a winning dissertation proposal, we have come up with some of the most important elements which help you in creating an effective dissertation proposal and which help you impress your tutor.

But before we proceed to know the elements of effective elements of dissertation proposal, let first understand the concept of proposal and its importance.

What is dissertation proposal? Why is it important?

 For those who know anything about dissertation writing, they must be aware of the importance of the dissertation proposal.

In case if you do not know what is a dissertation proposal? Worry not, we will tell you.

A dissertation proposal is a piece of academic writing that describes what you will investigate, why your investigation is important and how will you conduct research.

A good proposal tells your reader what your dissertation is about and present all the probable questions that you will examine further.

The proposal also highlights the references to the theoretical background and show every potential outcome of the study.

Featured as the foundation of your paper’s outline, a proposal length ranges from 500 to 1000 words according to the course requirements and the instruction by examiner.

Elements of developing a strong dissertation proposal

An effective dissertation proposal is the result of consistency and proper guidance. Generally, students get a sample dissertation proposal from their universities to get an idea on how to write a dissertation proposal, but not many of them can get the essence of the same.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of all essential ingredients that help students in writing a strong proposal.

Without further ado, let’s move ahead and start with our list:


An abstract is an essential element of a proposal, especially for those proposals which cover numerous pages. An abstract can be defined as a paragraph which summarizes about a research topic. A good abstract highlights all the vital ingredients of your study.

Following elements make a strong abstract: introduction, background information, research methodology, problem statement, and research questions.

Note: Never write an abstract at the beginning, always insert it in your research paper at the last.


The introduction of every proposal is crucial, it is the very part which plays a vital role in making a connection with your readers. Always make sure it succinctly explains the aim of your research.

In the introduction, try to complete explain your topic in 2 to 3 lines. While explaining the research make sure you support your explanation with real-world issues. Explain why this research was done, what new insights you have brought through your research and how much work has already been done on the problem?

Literature review

A well-written literature review provides you a basic summary of your research topic. This part of the dissertation proposal, always convinces readers that your dissertation has a robust foundation, and you have contributed something new in the subject field which was not talked or found earlier.

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Methodology and Timeline

In this part of a dissertation proposal, you discuss how you will you conduct an investigation on your chosen topic. You will explain the methodology of your dissertation along with an overall approach that you will follow to revert your research questions.

Explain will you follow qualitative or quantitative research, will your data collection is done through primary or secondary sources and whether your research design is correlational, descriptive or experimental?

In a dissertation proposal, you should also brief outline of your planned activities and do not forget to include all the milestones that will come in handy in measuring your progress.

Novel contribution and implications

In a dissertation proposal, always try to explore all the possible implications of the research and focus on how you have contributed to the existing knowledge on the chosen topic.

You can explain how your new findings will strengthen a model, help in improving the process in a particular field or location, and how it can become the foundation of further research.

Proper bibliography & referencing

The proposal of a dissertation must include proper citation of every used source. With that, an entire list of publication must be included in the reference list. Always prepare your reference list and bibliography according to the citation style of your discipline.

The final words

All the mentioned elements above play a vital role in forming a robust dissertation proposal. There are several Assignment Help & Dissertation Writing Services provider companies in the UK, you can also take help from them and get the finest, error-free and perfect dissertation proposal.

On your end, you can always redraft, edit and properly proofread your research proposal before you send it. It is also advisable to concern your tutors for their feedback.

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