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Sending DMs on Instagram is an effective way to help businesses present their products or services to the public, trying to promote their brand and increase their sales. Still, it is not that easy to advertise in this way because firstly, it is very time-consuming to send advertising DMs manually one by one to your target audience. Secondly, Instagram does not allow you to send as many DMs as you want. A Day.

Actually, Instagram divides people into 2 groups:

People you know or those who follow you or have chatted with you on Instagram:

You can send them DMs unlimitedly in a day. Instagram treats these DMs as a way to communicate with your followers, which is fine.

Strangers or people who don’t follow you or have never interacted with you:

You can send them a specific number of DMs in a day and if you cross the limit, your account will be restricted or banned.

The number of DMs an Instagram account can send varies depending on the type of account. In general, to add up to the number of DMs (ads) you can send to strangers in a day on Instagram, you can create multiple accounts and send your DMs using them to promote your main page ..

This trick helps you to send as many DMs as you want but still find it impossible to manage multiple accounts to send hundreds of DMs in a day. That’s why you need a professional tool to automate the whole process. The tool is going to connect to as many accounts as you have, get a list of your target usernames and a message text or link, and then use each account to send DMs to the desired number of your target audience .. Obviously, the tool should be capable of automatic switching of accounts after the desired number of DMs have been sent using one account.

In the following, we are going to introduce you to several mass Instagram DM senders.

vUser Instagram DM Sender Bot

You can connect this Windows-based bot to all your Instagram accounts. The bot sends your message text to each of your target usernames one by one. After you reach the limit specified for each account, the bot continues sending DMs using the next account and the process continues until all recipients have received your message in their Instagram inbox. .

The bot is equipped with many more useful features that help you boost your page growth; Features like auto-follow, unfollow, like, comment, mention, etc.

The bot enables you to extract usernames from any source (your competitors’ followers, likers, commenters, etc.). If the source is chosen wisely, the extracted list provided by the bot can be used as an ideal target audience database for you.

We recommend this bot because it is a one-time and permanent purchase and unlike other bots and software programs on the market, you do not need to charge for it monthly.


Instamber is a bot that will send DMs to potential followers to encourage them to visit or follow your Instagram profile.

Using this tool, you can send welcome/customized direct messages to your current followers and non-followers, attach pictures to your DMs, and send up to 120 DMs per day.


Flume, for macOS 10.10 and above, provides various features such as bulk uploading Instagram posts, mass Instagram DMs, editing tools, etc. The only problem with this service is that it does not provide targeting tools to send bulk DMs, and you can send them to your followers.

Bulk DM for IG Chrome Plugin

If you want to reach multiple people at once then you can try this Bulk DM extension on your Google Chrome browser but it does not support many other features as its main target is mass messaging on Instagram. Using this plugin, you can automatically send DMs to groups and individuals – you can send mass messages to multiple users or individuals. You can also create custom bulk groups – users can send mass messages to joint users for a specific purpose.

It’s free but short on features!

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