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Mr Cream chargers has announced its new 24 hour hot food delivery service for consumers in Greater Melbourne. The business is currently piggy backing on the growing demand for all-night long hot food cravings, especially in the city of Melbourne. This has prompted Mr Cream chargers to offer its all-night long hot food cravings service in Melbourne. This service will start tomorrow (Monday) and last throughout the week. The service is available at all Mr Cream chargers restaurants.

“When we started selling our all-in-one restaurant catering product in Victoria, we were determined to provide the most innovative and convenient eating experience to customers across the city. We set out to find a way that we could deliver a variety of hot meals into one convenient location – and we succeeded,” said Mr Cream chargers Delivery Manager, Mr Philip Owen. “Now, instead of having to deal with multiple restaurants for one large meal, Mr Cream’s customers can have a variety of different meal options available to them. People love the convenience of this option and the taste of freshly prepared meals in a fast-paced, all-night time atmosphere.” Mr Phillip Owen, Mr Cream chargers Delivery Manager

All the food products available from the all-in-one restaurant dispenser are freshly prepared by The Waring Steakhouse. The all-in-one hot dog dispenser and the all-in-one dessert dispenser are available at the Waring Steakhouse. The Waring Steakhouse has several locations in Victoria including Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Broadlands and Maroochyooka. The Waring Steakhouse supplies some of the leading brands in Australia such as; T-bone, Tony Lama and Jack LaLanne. The brand is known for providing excellent customer service and value added services.

The all-in-one cream chargers and dispensers are made with a stainless steel construction to ensure they are safe to use by any individual. The Waring brand uses a patented design which contains a snap-on lid which is secured by a snap-locking cap. The lid can be ordered in three different sizes to accommodate individuals of all ages. There is also a water resistant sticker on the side of the lid to help keep children from spilling the hot beverage. On the bottom there is a rubber mouth piece to ensure that the lid does not leak when the lid is removed from the dispenser.

The stainless steel Waring cream chargers and dispensers are available in black or blue and can be ordered in packs of twelve or twenty. There is also an individual dispenser that has three separate compartments which can each hold one bottle of whipped cream. If more bottles are needed it can be purchased with a capacity of twelve or twenty-four bottles at a time. Each individual dispenser and lid has a lifetime guarantee to help protect the unit. If the lid accidentally breaks, the company can provide replacement lids.

Some of the more popular products within the Waring range include the following; the whipped cream charger and dispenser, the n2o coffee maker and water cooler. The coffee brewer is available in single, double and quad units and comes with a glass carafe, coffee bean grinder, drip tray, and a vacuum chamber. This product also includes an ice cream maker which is great for making frozen treats such as sorbet and yogurt. The refrigerator is great for holding frozen yogurts and other sherbets that will not spoil while in transit.

The n2o coffee maker is great if you prefer a Nangs Delivery beverage such as a cappuccino or espresso and comes with a stainless steel body, a black and green machine, and a glass carafe. The infuse alcohol comes in a variety of flavors and will give you many hours of enjoyment when used for coffee or tea brewing. It has two interchangeable coffee cup spouts for easy cleaning and comes with two handles so it is easy to carry. The product also includes an ice cream scoop, built-in thermometer, and an instructional booklet.

The melbourne cream chargers and dispensers are great for a wide variety of beverages including but not limited to coffee, tea, and chocolate. It has a stainless steel body and the insulated mug is available in five colors. The two handles are comfortable and have an inflow of nitrous oxide. It is possible to buy the infusions individually or you can buy them in premixed packages with premade milk, whipped cream, and toppings. The package contains enough for up to twelve cans of beverages.

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