Packing Tips for Moving a House

Moving a house is a hectic and challenging venture. It needs planning and set of tasks to pack the stuff of an entire household. A home includes unlimited things and items. Many things need extra care and attention while packing and transporting when moving a home. By using certain tips in mind, one can make their moving a bit easier.

Following are the tips you can keep in mind and follow while moving a home which can help you in making your moving easier and cheaper too:

Choose the moving company smartly.

Do not jump onto the first company you see on the list of Moving companies. When moving companies are approached they come for visual on-site surveys before quoting their cost. They will send a representative to

  1. Take a look at the items to be moved.
  2. To make a list of Items that needs special packing.
  3. Let you know the need of additional insurance of stuff.
  4. Discuss the possible difficulties which can be there at the moving time.
  5. To provide a written estimation of cost.

After getting the quote from first company, keep all the amounts mentioned by them in mind and call another company for the same procedure. Compare the services offered by all the moving companies with the price quoted by them and with each other too. Try and settle the deal with the company who quoted the least price with the best of services.

Pack up items on your own:

You can save plenty of money instead of calling professional packers. If packing on your own the next thing which should be kept in mind is cost saving on packing materials. Packing supplies including cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper, are very costly if bought new. Packing supplies can be re-used. Cardboard boxes can be borrowed from friends and family. They can also be bought at a cheap price from retail stores as they have empty many cardboard containers everyday while refilling their stores. To lessen the number of cardboard boxes, try and use various containers available at home including suitcases, backpacks and travel bags, briefcases, tote bags, garbage bags, baskets and hampers, plastic bin, and dresser drawers. In fact Bubble wrap and packing paper can be substituted with blankets, bath towels, bed sheets, thick pieces of clothing like socks and sweat shirts. Do not use newsprints for packing delicate stuff as it may leave ink stains.

Use the Matryoshka packing principle:

The Matryoshka packing principle states that is to pack a smaller thing inside a similar bigger thing which saves a lot of space and energy while unpacking too. This method of packing not only saves space but also decreases the amount spent on packing supplies including bubble wrap, packing paper, and cardboard boxes.

Take photographs

Taking photographs of the devices and appliances including photo of the wired-up configuration of television, desktop computer, printer, audio system  and other electronic devices to save time and prevent damage to a device due to incorrect set-up. Taking photographs of the old house will also create a document to the condition in which you’re leaving the home which may help you in getting back your security deposit.

Move a door:

Another moving tip is temporarily removing a door on the moving day if required to move the large pieces of furniture. Make sure to screw up the hinges before leaving the place to avoid any damage to the property.

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