Reasons to Take Child to a Gastroenterologist

Maintaining a good digestive health is very important no matter what stage of life one is in. It is also very much essential for the kids. Getting proper nutrition and having a healthy diet on a regular basis can help a child to grow healthily. 

Good digestive health starts by getting the right food and that too at the right time. For kids, it is mainly 3 meals and 2 snacks per day along with proper water intake so that one can stay hydrated. Proper digestion can lead to regular bowel movements. But yes, children can also face a number of digestive issues and for those one can also take help from best paediatric gastroenterologist in India.

These are the reasons for which one can see a GI:

Abdominal pain

Belly pain is something which has no specific reasons. It can happen because of constipation or from abdominal migraines where stress can lead to abdominal problems. For this one needs to see a specialised doctor.


Among infants, spit up is very common and many babies have to certain degrees. Reflux can become a problem when the baby is not being able to gain body weight or absorb any kind of nutrients. In general, the acid reflux can get worse when the baby reaches 4 months of age and then it starts improving from the time baby starts learning how to sit.

Diarrhoea in toddlers

Young children always love to experiment with new drinks and foods. When that happens, they might start suffering from diarrhoea. From that, toddlers can also experience abdominal pain and discomfort in bowel movements. It can also lead to constipation. For this, one might has to visit a doctor.

There are a lot of digestive issues for which a parent needs to take their child to a GI:

Bloody diarrhoea

When there is blood in a child’s diarrhoea then it can be a sign of inflammatory bowel disease and infection.

Foul smelling stool
infections from viruses and bacteria can cause inflammation in a child’s intestine. If that becomes severe then the child might have to take antibiotics which can treat the infection and for that they need to go to a GI first. Severe infection in stool can also lead to diseases like cystic fibrosis.

Bloody vomit, green vomit or persistent vomiting

The cause behind a child’s vomiting can be just because of indigestion or it can be cyclic vomiting syndrome or acute pancreatitis. The parent needs to pay attention to the colour of the vomit and check if there is any blood present or not. If the vomiting is constant for more than 2 days and if it is bloody or dark green then one must see a paediatric gastroenterologist.

If the child is suffering from painful bowel movements or decreased bowel movements or if there is blood in the stool then it is time to contact the best gastroenterologist online in India. This can be either severe constipation or presence of polyp. Hence one must always seek medical intervention.

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