Role of GK in your Child’s Growth

General Knowledge plays a prominent part in the growth of children. Apart from being a subject that is taught to kids in their formative years, GK also has a lot of impact on their confidence. Kids who have a sound general knowledge and current affairs tend to become more aware citizens and humans.

There are a lot of benefits that a good general knowledge can bestow upon children. As a parent, during the initial years of your kids education, you need to be very attentive to their needs. A little extra attention can make a huge difference in their academic performance.

Below are a few points to give you a little more insight into the role of  general knowledge in the all-round development of your child:

  1. Increases awareness
    General knowledge is all about awareness. It is the awareness one acquires over a duration of time. So, the primary thing that working towards general knowledge does is that it makes the kids more aware as humans, and as citizens.
  • Improves reasoning skills
    Reasoning skills are something that the firms are looking for in every individual they hire. If kids are instilled with an interest in general knowledge from the very beginning, then their reasoning skills will improve by default.
  • Refines social skills

People with good GK make healthier conversations. They are more interactive and have better social skills. Additionally, such people are more respected than the ones who lack general awareness.

  • Encourages more knowledge-intake

Knowledge attracts more knowledge and there’s no limit to it. Such individuals also make good listeners and are more attentive to details. They try to acquire more and more information from different sources- other people, books, websites, newspapers, etc.

  • Boosts confidence

Having a good hold over the general affairs makes an individual stand out from the crowd. This boosts their confidence.

  • Helps in academics

General awareness is a subject that is taught to kids right from their first few years in the school. Sound GK can thus help in scoring better marks in the subject.

  • Develops decision-making skills

An individual highly informed about the surroundings will certainly make a great decision-maker.

Mentioned above are just a few ways in which general knowledge affects an individual. There are many indirect benefits of being more aware. That is why, as a parent, it is pivotal that you offer your child a learning environment that exposes him/her to general awareness.

General knowledge is accumulated over a period of time. It includes static as well as current affairs. Everything important happening around the world falls under the term. GK questions for kids can be from various fields- sports, human body, geography, politics, computers, plants, animals, planets and other celestial bodies, etc. 

Having said that, we must remember that children are children! We can’t expect them to be enthusiastic about reading plain texts and loads of facts and figures. But we can impart this knowledge slowly and through more interesting ways. GK is vast and so are the types of questions one can encounter under it. Don’t worry! We have got your back. We offer amazing sets of general knowledge questions for children that cover all crucial topics and that too, through colourful illustrations and quizzes. All these questions are curated meticulously by our subject-matter experts. To know more, visit BYJU’S now!

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