The best sexologist in Jaipur for treating male sexual problems


The sexual problems that a person may experience during any phase of the physical intercourse cycle. These sexual problems prevent a person or the couple from attaining a healthy and satisfying physical activity or intercourse. There are various aspects of the sexual response cycle that include stimulation, orgasm, climax, and resolution. According to various researches, it is proven that around 43% of women and 31% of men suffer from sexual issues. 

If you want to be physically fit and healthy, then you must acquire good habits in your daily routine lifestyle, including regular exercise and proper health check-ups. And if you want to be fit and healthy, then you must also start focusing on your sexual health as well as it is also an essential part of a human being. Here we will tell you about the best sex specialist in Jaipur that can help you in getting a better sexual life and will also increase your sexual performance.

The best sexologist in Jaipur for treating male sexual problems

Visit the best clinic in Jaipur- Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health. IASH is a stop-solution for all kinds of sex-related issues for men led by Dr Chirag Bhandari, the best sexologist in India. He is the founder of IASH, Jaipur and the head sexologist of the clinic.  

Whom should you consult for male sexual problems and why?

An andrologist is a trained specialist that deals with sex-related disorders and reproductive problems in men. For men who get difficulty in attaining sex and physical pleasure or getting an unsuccessful pregnancy, these problems can be treated by an andrologist or a male reproductive expert. It is advised not to take any advice from impostor babas or ayurvedic mantras for treating your sexual problems.

If you’re looking for a sexologist in Jaipur for getting a cure for your private issues, then your search ends here. Dr Chirag Bhandari is the best sexologist in Jaipur at the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health in Jaipur that treats all aspects of male sexual dysfunction under a single roof. If you’re suffering from issues like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, male infertility issues, delayed ejaculation, low testosterone level, and penile issues, then you can visit IASH, Jaipur for your best cure

What are Male Sexual Problems?

Male sexual problems are referred to as the trouble that prevents a couple from getting a satisfying physical activity. Sexual issues if not treated on time, can have very adverse effects on a person’s life both physically as well as mentally. And sometimes it also creates severe marital problems within a couple. The condition that causes a man not to become a father and get successful parenthood is known as male infertility issues. 

Causes of Male Sexual Problems

Sexual dysfunction in a body can be seen due to various reasons which create a disturbance in the male reproductive organ. The causes of sexual problems in men can be both psychological as well as physical, but the effect of this in the body will be the same.

The things that give birth to male sexual problems are: 

Physical Factors

  • Diabetes
  • Heart and Cardio-Vascular Diseases 
  • Neurological Disorders 
  • Abnormal hormonal balance in the body
  • Any types of chronic diseases like kidney and liver failure.
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs
  • A heavy dose of medications and fertility drugs.

Psychological Factors

  • Work-related stress 
  • Depression 
  • Performance pressure and stress related to it
  • Lack of communication between the partners
  • And kind of guilt in the couple 

and many more.

IASH, Jaipur- the best infertility specialist in Jaipur for treating male sexual problems

IASH, Jaipur- the best infertility specialist in Jaipur for treating male sexual problems

IASH, Jaipur is a well-known and Jaipur’s most exceptional male reproductive health and wellness centre led by Dr Chirag Bhandari- the best sexologist in Jaipur. Dr Chirag Bhandari at IASH, Jaipur treats all aspects of male infertility and sexual dysfunction that make a man weak at sexual activity. They offer various fertility evaluations for males, females and couples to understand the root cause of the issue. After proper analysis and examining their medical history, only the treatments are designed meticulously for each patient according to their need and budget as well. The remedies provided come with the highest success rates and affordable prices.

Treatments offered by the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health are:

Erectile Dysfunction 

Erectile dysfunction, commonly known as impotence is a type of male sexual issue characterized by the inability to maintain and produce an erection of the male reproductive part while having sexual intercourse.

It is vital to visit a sexologist in Jaipur if a man is suffering from this issue as this issue occurs mainly when a person is suffering from heart disease. IASH offers the best erectile dysfunction treatment in India. 

Erectile Dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation

This can be the beginning of a severe issue, but if treated on time can be taken care of quickly. If a man is suffering from Premature Ejaculation, then it does not mean that his sex life is destroyed. In this problem, a man suffers from erections that occur very sooner than the expected time during sex. But with proper diet and medication, this problem can be easily cured. There are various options and medicine for premature ejaculation in India that are used at IASH for treatments.  

Delayed Ejaculation

It is a widespread medical condition seen in men. In delayed ejaculation, men receive sexual stimulation way too late than expected by a couple for erection. It is the most common type of sexual illness, which if not treated, can become a lifelong issue. This condition doesn’t have any harmful effects on the body physically, and a couple can have sex regularly. But they will encounter an unsatisfactory sexual activity that causes mental stress and anxiety.

Loss of male libido

Low libido causes a state in which people encounter a lack of desire to have physical intercourse with a married couple. People with such kinds of conditions generally face depression and stress.

Male infertility

People have now understood that men can also be responsible for infertility seen in a couple. And there are chances that the reason why his partner is not able to conceive. This kind of private problem occurs when there is an issue with sperm quality or quantity.   

A man’s body produces sperm, which after ejaculation gets a transfer into the female’s body during sex. Low sperm quality and quantity can affect this process that causes infertility. IASH, Jaipur also offers the best penile implant surgery in India and treatments for erectile dysfunction that comes with the highest success rates at a very affordable price in Jaipur. 

The clinic has got some fantastic reviews and ratings that show how the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health gave the patients the right solution for their problems and how it helped them to live a sexually healthy and fit life.  


Treatments for sexual problems are necessary for a better lifestyle and a healthy relationship with your spouse. Choosing the best sexologist can help you get over your questions and help you to cure that issue with proper medication or surgery as required. Visit the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health and get the best solutions for men’s problems by the best sexologist in Jaipur- Dr Chirag Bhandari. 

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