Steps To Take For Wrongfully Being Convicted of a Domestic Violence Offense

Domestic violence involves acts of violence that are committed against someone within a domestic or familial relationship. The assault may take place against a spouse, any relative, or a sexual or dating partner. These incidents of violence generally occur inside the confines of someone’s residence or private spaces which means that there are usually few or no witnesses as well as very little proof of the things that happened or transpired. Due to this reason, even though domestic violence is treated as a very serious issue in all parts of the USA, this specific sphere of criminal law is often mired by ambiguities. Unwarranted criminal charges and false accusations are quite common, and in such cases, only an experienced defense attorney can help a person to get the proper justice in the court of law and prove innocence.

Critical aspects of domestic violence cases

The Federal law considers some domestic acts of violence committed between people in intimate relationships as criminal offenses. Apart from criminal penalties that these cases can involve, cases of domestic violence often serve as fertile grounds for numerous court-issued restraining orders and protective orders which can impact matters relating to child custody. So if you think you have been falsely accused of domestic violence offense, the first thing that you must do is get in touch with a DUI attorney in Colorado who can study your case thoroughly and provide you with the best legal assistance for the specific nature of your case.

Victims protected by Colorado law

The laws of domestic violence generally apply to the victims when they are living with the perpetrator of the assault or the aggressor. Both spouses and children can be the victim of abuse. Sometimes people living in a domestic environment without being married to each other can also be involved in abuse. It is important to note that domestic abuse cases do not simply involve people who live under the same roof. In many cases, it may also happen between people sharing an intimate relationship but choosing to stay indifferent addresses. Since violence typically happens once the relationship has ended or due to some heat of the moment conflict, the domestic violence laws in Colorado also applies to all former spouses as well as people who are no longer a part of the dating or intimate relationship with their partners. In certain areas, it is not mandatory for the victim and the offender to have ever lived together under the same roof in order for an incident of assault to be considered as domestic violence.

Proving a case of domestic violence

Domestic violence allegations are taken very seriously in Colorado due to the fact that these instances are always on the rise. Even though both men, as well as women, can be domestic violence victims, the general perception among people is that men are typically the abusers in intimate relationships. The good thing is that public perception is hardly sufficient to properly establish in the court of law that domestic violence has been carried out by a man. Sufficient proof is required to prove without an ounce of reasonable doubt that a person is the perpetrator of domestic violence.

Hiring a defense lawyer for domestic violence case

When you are looking to prove to the court of law in Colorado that you are innocent of any instance of domestic violence, it is necessary that you get in touch with a DUI defense attorney Lakewood who is capable of offering you reliable and efficient legal support. These lawyers can provide you with tailored solutions for your domestic violence case.

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