The Best Apps for QuickBooks Integration


QuickBooks is known to simplify the accounting operations for its users. It helps to organize bills, invoices, payroll, and generate reports for various businesses, among other features that include:

  • Keeping track of billing hours
  • Gaining insights into business analytics
  • Creating invoices and track orders
  • Reporting inventory
  • Forecasting expenses

However, it becomes difficult to find all the features customized for each industry within the QuickBooks software. Therefore, it is integrated with various apps to fulfill the requirements.

Here is a list of best apps as add-ons for QuickBooks:

1.  Expensify

Expensify is an expense management software that automates the receipt tracking process for businesses and personal use. It offers the following features to streamline pre-accounting processes:

  • Receipt scanning through mobile camera
  • Money deposit within 24 hours
  • Customizable and automated approvals
  • Automatic sync with the accounting system

Additionally, Expensify is partners with professional organizations like AICPA and

QuickBooks’ integration with Expensify enables real-time expense monitoring and bank-level security. Also, the business data is customized as per requirements and imported into the accounting software from Expensify. It saves a lot of time by automating these manual tasks.

2.  Avalara AvaTax

Avalara AvaTax is a cloud-based sales tax software that helps to get the right tax compliance for businesses of all sizes. It is known for its accurate, efficient, and risk management services offered.

Some of the crucial features provided by the software include automated tax calculations, up-to-date tax rates as per any location, consolidated on-demand reports, streamlined e-filing of returns, and more.

QuickBooks seamlessly integrates with Avalara AvaTax to provide a reliable solution to manage all the business logs and get updated tax reports as per tax jurisdictions. It eases the tax filing task even in case of complex scenarios.

3. is a popular financial application that automates the invoicing and payment process. It provides easy access to the bills and other financial data as it is backed up in the cloud storage. All of the workflows can be managed through a centralized dashboard that offers real-time insight into the operations. It also enables the use of various secure payment options, such as ACH, check, credit/ debit cards, PayPal, and more.

QuickBooks is integrated with to make the billing process more accurate and faster. It helps review and approve the payments and bills from any remote location.

4.  TSheets

TSheets is a time tracking application that helps manage employees even if they are working in various shifts or remote locations. It enables the management team to create schedules and share them with the teammates conveniently. Additionally, it offers a punch in/ out and job alert solutions for remote employees.

QuickBooks, when integrated with TSheets, simplifies the process of tracking billable hours, calculating payrolls, monitoring job costs, and more. One also has access to interactive and real-time reports for better analysis of business operations. It makes the whole process paperless and improves the productivity of its users.

5.  SmartVault

SmartVault is an online client portal that is used for document storage and file sharing over a secure network. It automates the file storing process by creating regular backups on cloud storage. Moreover, it alerts its users when a file is uploaded or downloaded.

QuickBooks integration with SmartVault ensures seamless dataflow by importing all the crucial business files into the accounting software for further process. The stored files can be found easily in one centralized place for any time, anywhere access. It further allows multiple users to access and share the data on a bank-level secured platform.

Hence, this synchronization saves time and increases the efficiency rate.

6.  FishBowl

FishBowl is an inventory management software that helps to streamline various business operations related to manufacturing, sale, wholesale, and distribution of goods. Some of its prominent features depending upon different processes are:

  • Manufacturing- creating work orders, calculating inventory needs, and tracking workflow.
  • Warehouse Management- setting automatic re-ordering process and eliminating manual data entry.
  • Asset Tracking- tracking items, monitoring assets, and converting measuring units.

QuickBooks’ seamless integration with FishBowl inventory allows users to import and export data from the software. It supports barcode scanning, real-time monitoring of work processes, integrated inventory, and more. This add-on accelerates the accounting process and adds value to the services.

7.  Drake Software

Drake Software is a powerful tax software that is favored by its users for the ease of use and e-filing process. It offers all-inclusive tax return packages, diagnostic tests, automated calculations, an online knowledge base, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

QuickBooks integrates with Drake Software to automate the data entry process for accurate and faster tax filing experience. The business data is directly imported into the tax application to accomplish tax-related tasks.

8.  ACCTivate!

ACCTivate! is another inventory management application that offers all-in-one solutions for various industries. It provides real-time insights for optimized inventory management, customer service, business operations, the purchasing experience, and more.  Some of its notable features include enhanced search function, customizable dashboard, and filterable reports.

QuickBooks is integrated with ACCTivate! for better control and centralized access over various processes. It helps to find any potential error for better services.

9.  Method: CRM

Method: CRM is a customizable CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solution that offers built-in features to manage leads, invoices, customer data, and more. It can integrate with Gmail, Outlook, and Mailchimp to extract the lead data required to follow-up for further processes. Drag-and-drop tools help create a custom CRM as per business needs.

QuickBooks seamlessly syncs with Method: CRM and creates a powerful platform to optimize the CRM process. It eliminates any double entry in the system and automates most of the manual entry tasks, which in turn improves efficiency and customer experience by manifolds.

10. HammerZen

HammerZen is an automated data entry solution that imports required information from various software and financial institutions. It is a user-friendly add-on that offers real-time insights into the data to provides profit/ loss status, enhanced cashflows, threat detection, etc.

QuickBooks is integrated with HammerZen so as to reduce data entry tasks by automatically importing all the data. It further helps to track job costs for better workflow. Moreover, each entry can be mapped for future addition or modification. It eases the task of locating files and documents whenever needed.

Final Note

QuickBooks has proved to be a robust accounting software that offers a comprehensive set of features. However, the list of add-ons mentioned above takes it to the next level. These integrations help to increase the functionality of the QuickBooks software and add value to the business operations.

Author Bio: Bhavleen Kaur is a writer at Ace Cloud Hosting- a leading QuickBooks cloud hosting provider. She specializes in writing about accounting, cloud technology, tax software, and likes to know about upcoming technology and trends. You can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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