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What is Landlord insurance?

Just like a homeowner insurance, the homeowner insurance protects you from damage caused by damage to your property when rented out by a tenant. Homeowner insurance often differs from homeowner insurance because it usually covers damage caused intentionally to your property by irresponsible tenants, while most homeowner policies explicitly reject protection for intentional property promotions. Like an insurance policy for homeowners, you usually pay two costs when you cover the insurance: a monthly premium and a deductible when you make a claim. Which service is included in your homeowner’s insurance depends on the Best Landlord Insurance company you choose and your personal policy? However, most plans use three coverage levels as a basis:

Apartment Coverage

Home protection is the most basic form of insurance and must be included in the homeowner’s insurance policy. Enclosures protect you against damage outside and within your property. This can be in the form of furniture and items that you provide when you promote a room that was previously installed. However, most policies are limited to building exteriors and home functions, including plumbing, electrical systems, and fixed equipment. Most landlords advise tenants to take out their own tenant insurance if they want their personal property to be insured on the property.

Medical and Legal Responsibilities

If a tenant or contractor working on your property is injured, he may be able to sue, even if the cause of the violation is largely beyond your control. Just like homeowner’s liability insurance, medical and legal liability insurance can help you prevent medical expenses and expenses. Liability insurance is very important for landlords, because as a property owner you are probably present every day to ensure that all your obligations are protected.

Who Needs owner Insurance?

With Rent Loss Protection you get the rental value that you normally receive from a tenant if your rental property is no longer habitable. For example, the property that you own can be rented for $ 1,000 and you can be suddenly attacked by a termite attack. The flat-rate insurance policy gives you a $ 1,000 payment that you usually receive as rent until the problem is resolved and you can recover your tenants.

Additional Security Features that your Policy as an add-on can offer Include:

Guaranteed Income Insurance

Has your tenant not paid a rent this month? Guaranteed income insurance can help you to recover the remaining rent that you have not paid.

Flood Insurance

As with many homeowner’s insurance policies that do not cover flood damage, the landlord insurance policy limits the amount that you can get back in the event of a flood in your rental unit. If your rental home is near a lake, river, or other flood prone area, make sure that your policy covers flood protection. Emergency repair insurance helps pay invoices from third parties if the tenant needs a sudden repair, for example if the pipe breaks or the boiler runs out. If you carry out the repair yourself, you can use the emergency repair cover to reimburse all material costs that you use to solve problems and gas costs and other costs while traveling to the accommodation.

How much is the Insurance of the Owner?

The average American is estimated to pay around $ 1,100 a year for home insurance, but landlords can usually expect them to pay between 20 and 30 percent more for home insurance. This is because the rent is damaged more often than the house occupied by the owner. This increases the liability of the insurance company and leads to higher premiums for you.

The costs of the owner’s insurance are also determined by several other factors, including:

Value of your rental property and replacement costs. Regardless of whether you allow short or student rent (short-term rent increases the chance of finding bad tenants.

Several Levels of Personal Property Insurance

Although personal property insurance is an absolute necessity for landlords who rent pre-furnished housing units, you would like to maintain at least a degree of personal property insurance if you own some form of furniture. Forgotten items such as carpets, curtains, or bar counter tops usually cannot be recovered unless you have personal property insurance.

God’s Deeds

Some insurance policies exclude protection for “force majeure” such as floods, zinc mines, tornadoes, tsunamis and storms, depending on the policy. If you live in an area that is prone to one of these problems, you should carefully read your guidelines and understand what is covered and what is not.

The Best Landlord Insurance Company


You may have already taken out homeowner insurance for your private home at Cubit-Insurance, but did you know that insurance companies also offer homeowner insurance?

Cubit-Insurance property policies are comprehensive and may include property protection, non-residential property protection on your rental property, liability insurance, fair rental income insurance, and theft protection. Your rental insurance even offers optional rental insurance under construction (which may cover the cost of moving tenants to repair their rooms or urgent repairs) and building insurance (which lowers the cost of regulating and checking city codes if you are upgrading the building decide).

The Cubit-Insurance Directive also includes, as an optional supplement, flood protection and a roofing policy for landlords who are very concerned about litigation costs. With more than 20 years of experience and a variety of insurance options, Cubit-Insurance is a fast and reliable choice for every owner – and you can even save your personal insurance if you already have an Cubit-Insurance policy by sharing your homeowner and homeowner insurance policies combine.

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