The Best Tech Essentials for Students!

This is an article on tech accessories that I think are super useful for students and this is not going to be a video was going to see the stuff like TV and speakers because as fun as those are so I don’t think that those are just really all that useful for students. Where you will see they are things that I actually think? Well, I’m not a student anymore but look if I had these when as a student these are awesome.


First, up some cables they’re not just any cable these are every cable in one cable so these are made by a company called Sony and all these are also available on rent for any seminar from iPad Rental essentially every single charging cable connected into one USB cable. The end on the big one had actually come with two lightning cables so with this device you can basically charge any phone. as long as homes and hated the last like ten or fifteen years I think this is incredibly useful so the thing that makes us think cool it has simple it is and keep it in your begs your cars where if you want the very inexpensive thing like eight or nine dollars yeah the great purchased and very useful on my opinion.

Battery Pack

Second mentalist or some battery pack so my go to a battery pack. I feel like they make some the best quality backpacks packs and market. Their inexpensive and then for stupid features like lights and stuff going on very simple but very reliable batteries that I owned before doing blogging self to come and various colors and various sizes and some of the bigger one from anchors can recharge some laptops. Now if you’re in the market for the better pecking you want some is it’s a little bit more streamlined there are a couple devices out there that have that built-in prongs. so you can just plug them right up into the charge and they have built-in cables to make it damage easier now sadly have never found one of these all than one battery packs for use PC but if you have them for a micro USB enlightening there is a company call IPad Rental

Storage Devices

I’ll talk about is storage and I really think this device is something that every student in twenty seventeen should have. This is a device it’s just a flash towards a very understanding but it has both USB c and SUBA on one device. So you can just flip it around and plug it into what every port you want. If you format this thing with the fact you can connect to any computer back oh yes windows whatever you want. your basically and stop cable but the thing amazing things so useful is like if you ever want to transfer file or you need to transfer someone’s file over to your computer whatever like this thing and it goes to your keychain right it’s so small so insignificant get this thing this will save you time but so many times in schools like just do it.

If you want something a little more substantial we have seagate and western digital dries these are obviously a lot of biggers these are one terabyte at a minimum. I think they started like fifty bucks are relatively inexpensive and you can use these things as backup it up to story and worth your games your videos whatever but now I’ve always use see gate  drives in the past but have actually tried easy as the west from data ones and I find them actually better they’re equivalent in price but the thing that makes you kind of cool mean they come in different colors that’s kind of born as but they have these rubber feet on the bottom a sea gate drives don’t so when you place and down on the table the western digital ones just I don’t know if you’re and a little better and that a little makes you prefer them more it’s but you can’t go around with other of them ok that’s basically at three pretty important pieces of technology I think every student should have.

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