The Flower Head Laser Removal Process


Laser Hair Removal Flower Mound treatments are very quick. Although you’ll need multiple treatments to get optimal results, every subsequent pulse sent by your laser will last only a fraction of a second. These treatments also apply to all parts of your body, including the legs, back, arms, chest and face. So wherever you may have unwanted hair, it can be removed with this amazing technology.

The best time to get laser hair removal done is in the morning after waking up. As soon as you’re awake, have a cup of water ready and an ice pack if you plan to use the numbing gel. Also, be sure to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking lots of water. The reason you want to get laser treatments at this time of day, is because the sun is shining brightly and causing your skin to become warm and vulnerable. Keeping yourself hydrated will help reduce swelling, redness and itching which can make laser hair removal more painful.

When you arrive at the beauty clinic, ask whether you’d like a walk-in or an indoor treatment? Many facilities offer both indoor and outdoor laser hair removal. Each technique is used in a slightly different way but both result in hair removal that is nearly instantaneous. The flower method can take as little as five minutes while the waxing takes longer. Both treatments can be done with or without makeup.

When you’re performing your first laser hair removal treatment, you’ll be asked to undress in a private room. You may be given instructions about wearing gloves and perhaps sitting in a chair to relax for a while. The purpose of this is to reduce any sensation you might feel in the area being treated. After the technician is sure you are comfortable, they’ll place some cotton balls or other small items on your abdomen to control blood flow.

Next the technician will ask you to lie on the table under a semi-circular light equipped with a red laser pointer. They’ll use the laser’s beam to target the follicle’s dark pigment which is contained within the hair follicle’s root. This may take a few passes, depending on the growth rate of your hair. The time it takes to treat one area may vary according to the intensity of color being emitted.

Once the laser beam has successfully reached the pigment, it will start to heat it up. Once it reaches a particular temperature, a reaction will occur which causes the pigment to blister and collapse. After this is done the technician will inject a special antibiotic compound into the root of the follicle so that it dies off. As a result of this, the amount of laser energy directed into the area will drastically decrease. However, the process can still be somewhat painful.

In order to ensure that your laser hair removal treatment is as effective as possible, you’ll want to follow a few precautions before, during and after your treatment. First, you may want to use an over the counter anti-permanent hair removal cream to temporarily alleviate any discomfort. You may also want to protect yourself from the sun by wearing protective clothing and a hat.

To prevent any unnecessary complications, it is highly motus ax that you follow a few important steps before and during your laser hair removal session. First, before you begin treatment, you should always find out your skin tone. Next, be sure to keep yourself clean and avoid using products that could potentially irritate your skin. Lastly, find out about any and all medications that you may be taking, because this may have a negative effect on your laser treatment. If you follow these simple tips you should end up with a smooth, healthy, and pain free experience.

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