Things Which You Can Consider Before Moving Out for MBBS Abroad

MBBS abroad definitely sounds good and exciting. It is also an excellent option for all those who are looking for international exposure, a globally recognized degree, high quality education, top ranked universities, and developed infrastructure. MBBS in abroad is also the choice of students who are unable to get a seat in India despite their good marks or for those who do not have the liquidity of funds to pay the heavy fees demanded by Indian private institutions. It is here when the students plan to move out of the country for MBBS abroad. Moving abroad helps the student to get his desired government university, good education, become independent and develops skills and area of knowledge.

MBBS in China is a popular destination for students because of the quality of education it has maintained, the top ranked university, exposure in the practical classes, scholarships along with good infrastructure and globally recognized degrees. A student must consider some basic points before stepping out for MBBS in China or any other country abroad. These will help a student to adjust quickly and safely to the new environment.

MCI Recognized University – This must be the 1st point of consideration for the student when he/she opts to choose the university to study mbbs in china or MBBS in abroad. There are 45 English medium MCI approved medical universities in China for the academic session in 2019. All these universities are government universities. An Indian national should not opt for any university that is not approved by the MCI. If the student goes to the university which is not approved by MCI, his degree will not be valid to practice in India.

The Right Consultant – Another important factor to be considered is choosing the right consultant who will guide you on all the steps of admission at the University of your choice. Had it been Indian college, you could have applied for the admission at college yourself. But you cannot travel abroad for every small admission formality and are new to the world of MBBS in abroad admissions. Hence there arises a need for the consultant. You should verify the registration and authorization of the consultant. Also, ask the consultant to share the contact numbers of all the students and their parents who have got admission through him. These parents are the one point of medium to know more about the work practices and services of the consultant. Ask the consultant to give it to you in writing about the services he/she will be offering to the students and parents. Collect all invoices of payments done towards consultancy and processing fee and no fee must be paid in cash. The consultant has no right to collect the university fee in cash or in India.

Remittance of University Fee – The university fee has only 4 main heads – Tuition Fee, Accommodation or Hostel Fee, Visa Extension, and Insurance. Yes, there are some miscellaneous charges incurred in the 1st year only which ranges from 2000 RMB to 3000 RMB in China. Please make sure that you do not pay any of these fees to the consultant. The University shares its account details for the fee remittance. In most of the cases, it is mentioned on the offer letter that a student receives after the submission of documents. In case not received, please ask your consultant to share the University a/c details. All the universities offering MBBS in China or any other course accept the tuition fee in their accounts only. The rest of the fee can be paid on arrival in China.

Bank Account – The students get to open their bank accounts in the local banks of the country as they have a long time to stay in that country. For all their daily basic expenses, it is just that they have an easy flow of the local currency. One must ask the consultant to help them in all the formalities required in opening the bank accounts.

Apart from these, also make it a point to ask if the university offers scholarship and the criteria for applying for these scholarships. Most of the medical universities for study MBBS in China offer scholarships and so do the government of China has the provision. China is a land known for giving quality education at low costs and high scholarships. Who does not like to study on scholarship and that too in abroad?

So if it is you or you know someone who is willing to study mbbs in china or MBBS in Abroad can get in touch with Jagvimal Consultants. They are experts in the said field and will guide you one on one about when and how to apply for MBBS in China or MBBS in abroad.

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