Waterhog Classic Mats Vs Waterhog Fashion Mats


The WaterHog mat is the leader in commercial matting. WaterHog mats are the best commercial mats available. This is why more business owners choose WaterHog mats to meet their commercial mat needs.

What is a WaterHog Mat?

The Waterhog floor mat is affectionately called the Waterhog. It is one of the most popular and widely used entrance mats in the industry. This mat is a revolutionary design and construction that has made it popular for both commercial and personal home use. So many types of Waterhog mats include Waterhog classic mats; Waterhog fashion mats; Waterhog premier mats; Waterhog grand premier mats. Waterhog masterpiece select mats. Waterhog masterpiece select mats. Waterhog diamond cord mats. Waterhog floor mat tiles. Waterhog custom logo mats. Waterhog eco recycled entrance mats. waterhog premier roll matting.

WaterHog is now available for residential use. WaterHog mats can now be used in residential homes. WaterHog also offers a variety of decorative options for homeowners, making them the perfect choice for those with very specific tastes.

What makes a WaterHog mat unique? It would be easy for everyone to assume that all floormats are the same and that there is no difference between brands.

When deciding between the Waterhog Classic and Waterhog Fashion mats, the first thing to consider is the environment where the mat will be used. The classic version with its heavy-duty rubber construction is used in areas that are high-traffic and heavy-use. This includes schools, offices, hospitals, busy retail outlets, and other places where hundreds, or even thousands, of people, pass through the mats every day. The rubber borders are an extension of the rubber backing. They last well, wear easily, and require little maintenance. Although Fashion mats are often used in areas with less rolling traffic (carts and dollies, hand trucks, etc.), they can still be used in high-traffic areas.

Waterhog Classic Fashion Mats are not the only option. This is subjective. The black rubber border is preferred by some people because it gives the mat a traditional look, contrasts well with the surface material, surface pattern, and/or frames the mat. The matching fabric edge is preferred by those who prefer it because it blends with the rest of the mat. This gives the edge an almost rugs-like appearance. This is especially true if the mat’s surface color contrasts with the black rubber.

The Waterhog Classic is the most popular, but the two border options can be found on the Waterhog Premier mats (the Waterhog Premier and the Waterhog Premier fashion mats). The premier version of this product has all the same benefits and drawbacks as the classic. It features a diamond-patterned surface, more colors, and a heavier face weight to ensure better water absorption. This option is available on both the Waterhog Eco Elite Mats and Waterhog Logo Floor Mats.

No matter what style you choose – be it the traditional black rubber beveled edges, or matching fabric borders – these Waterhog mats can remove dirt, debris, and moisture from your shoes, regardless of where they are placed, weather, or environment.

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