What are the Different Types of Personal Injuries in Rockford?


Personal injuries can come in all shapes and sizes, but most often they are categorized by the type of accident involved. The main types of personal injury are slip and fall, auto accidents, dog bites, defective products, or any injury caused by someone’s negligence. These accidents do not only affect the individual who is injured but also their family members who have to bear the financial burden of hospital bills. So, it is essential to have an attorney by your side for legal advice and get deserving compensation from defendants. 

In most cases, you might be pretty confused about how to find an attorney to deal with your case, especially if you are new to your place. In these instances, if you don’t know any lawyers to hire for your case, you better search for a personal injury lawyer near me to find an appropriate one without wasting much time.

Let us now see the personal injuries that occur in Rockford most commonly.

4 Most Common Personal Injuries in Rockford

The Rockford personal injury lawyers help you recover damages for your injuries if you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle crash, or another type of accident. They stand by your side and fight against your defendants in court for the protection of your rights and getting maximum and deserving compensation for your injuries.

  1. Motor vehicle accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for the age group between ages 3 and 33. Driving is part of everyday life for many people, but it comes with the risk of an accident. 

  1. Workplace injuries

Workers in the United States work longer hours than any other industrialized country. And as a result, they also suffer more injuries and illnesses than workers in other countries. Injuries in the workplace are a very common occurrence. In order to avoid these accidents, it is important for employers and employees to understand the risks of their work environment. 

  1. Dog bites

People of all ages and sizes can be a victim of a dog bite, but children are the most likely victims. Every year in Rockford Illinois, there are over 200 reported dog bites that happen that range from all ages and sizes.

  1. Slip and fall accidents

One of the most common types of accidents in Rockford is a slip and fall accident. Slip and fall accidents cause serious injuries for many people every year, such as fractures and contusions. Slips occur when one is walking on an inclined surface such as a wet floor.

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