Why Cardboard Material is the First Choice for Custom E Cigarette Boxes


Different materials are used in the manufacturing of e cigarette boxes, but no one surpasses the qualities of cardboard. The topmost goal in the retail world is to ensure that the products are well protected. The retailers have to think of a plethora of other considerations, too, when deciding on packaging material. The main aspects that are considered regarding a material are its aesthetic quality, environmental credentials, cost-effectiveness, shipment efficiency, and practicality. Cardboard, being the most versatile material, meets all these considerations. The quality of being more flexible also influences the e cigarette brands to opt for cardboard when manufacturing the boxes.

Higher strength:

E-cigarettes consist of nicotine, glycol, glycerin, flavors, and various other chemicals. If any of these contents get compromised, you have to start making them again. The reason why cardboard material is preferred for e cigarette packaging lies in its ability to preserve the contents. It prevents the direct content of e-cigarette contents with the moist air and other damaging environmental factors. During the shipping process, the glass structure of vapes might get damaged due to stacking. The cardboard-built packaging has a higher tensile strength to bear the damaging pressures and abrasive forces.

If more protection is needed, you always have corrugation of cardboard on the cards. It is thick cardboard that has an even better load-bearing capacity without showing signs of wrinkles or deformation. It also has air pockets between the outside liner and inside liner that slows down the heat transfer. The air can stay between these layers for a much longer time that helps maintain the temperature of products.


The fact that cardboard is cost-effective and helps cutting down various costs makes it a perfect choice for packaging. It is an organic material, and the cost of labor and tools to manufacture is also quite low. Different vendors also sell this material in bulk that further lowers the cost. It is also lightweight that makes the custom e cigarette boxes weigh less on a measuring scale. Different shipment weights have different price tiers. If the overall weight is more, you are bound to pay more shipping charges. The lesser weight of the material helps to keep down the shipment weight and hence, the cost. The lightweight feature also helps in the carrying process, which is made hassle-free and more likely damage-free. So, the costs incurred to the companies due to the damaged vapes are curtailed as well.

Versatile and flexible:

The cardboard construction of custom e cigarette boxes makes them extremely flexible. The ease in cutting, folding, and scoring presents so many options. You can customize it in any box configuration that deems fit for the products meant to be packaged. A snug fit size can be obtained to pack the vapes in a protective manner. Likewise, you can alter the boxes in as creative shape as you want. Cardboard is compatible with laser cutting as well, which provides the opportunity to introduce cutout patterns on the packages. When it comes to function, this material is completely versatile. With the help of advanced designs, you can make it multipurpose. It is great for the brands to showcase their commitment to generating less waste.


When it comes to the cardboard, it is not just the functional aspect that can be customized. You can customize the aesthetic aspect as well. When used in the manufacturing of e cigarette packaging, it gives them a plain brown exterior and interior. They might appear rough in the first look to you, but they can be completely customized to have the printing design of your choices. Advanced printing techniques like digital printing can easily print on cardboard. Whether you want to print your brand’s artwork or some other enticing visuals, you can achieve that easily. After the printing, you can finish this material with different types of textures and coatings as well. E-cigarette brands are utilizing foil stamping to improve the aesthetic outlook of their products in the retail world.

Reduced waste:

Another reason for preferring the cardboard material for e cigarette packages is that it is an eco-conscious choice. As the need for single-use plastic is reduced, cardboard is an ideal choice for packaging. Unlike plastic, it does not contaminate the environment since it is sourced through organic means. It is 100% recyclable that reduces the amount of packaging waste sent to landfills and incineration. It also prevents pollution levels in the environment by reducing the need to collect new raw materials for packages. Above all, it pleases the eco-minded people and portrays the ecological nature of a business.

There are manifold reasons why cardboard is excessively used in the vape industry to manufacture e cigarette boxes. It helps to lower down the overhead costs while at the same time promoting the environment-friendly side of the business. Its increased strength provides competitive edges in the product protection, while flexibility allows getting creative box designs.

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