Why front loading washers are better in comparison to top loading washers

When we think about purchasing a new washing machine, there are a few pointers we need to cross off the list. The first thing we think about is the price, and depending on the budget, we can shop for either a front-loading model, or a top-loading model. Front-loading washing machines are universally heralded as the best type of washers, as they come with more washing programs, while being equipped with the latest technology.

Consumers are generally sceptical about expensive appliances. While we now get front-loading models that are considered to be budget-friendly, they are relatively more expensive than the top-loading models. However, after understanding the myriad of features and benefits they offer, you wouldn’t think too much about the price. But that said, let us now learn why front-loading washing machines are better in comparison to the top-loading models.

More features

When you make your mind up about purchasing a fully-automatic washing machine, you have two other options in front of you — front-loading washing machine, and top-loading washing machine. Front-loading models come with the latest technology and more features. Majority of the best washers in India are of the front-loading type. Let us compare one of the best front-load washing machines in the country with one of the best top-loading models, and to ensure that there is parity, we choose both models from the same brand.

IFB 8.5 kg Executive Plus VX ID Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

This IFB front-load washing machine comes equipped with 14 different wash programs, and boasts of special features like 9 Swirl Wave, Aqua Energie feature, Express Wash, and anti-allergen feature, which work together to wash your fabrics thoroughly and deeply, while removing any bacteria or allergens. 

The washer also comes with 1400 RPM spin speed, which dries your clothes quickly and effectively. Last but not least, this washing machine also comes with a 5-star rating, which assures you of its energy efficient operation.

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua, Ivory White, Aqua Energie water softener)

This IFB top load washing machine comes with 8 different wash programs, along with special features such as Crescent Moon Drum, 3D Wash System, Deep Clean and Aqua Energie. Its 6.5kg capacity means that the washer can cater to households with 2-3 people, while its 720 RPM spin speed ensures that the clothes are dried within 30-40 minutes.

If we compare the two models, we can immediately see that the front-loading model comes with more features.

Energy and water efficient

It is fairly common knowledge that front-loading washing machines are more energy and water efficient as compared to top-loading models. Given the fact that the clothes in top-loading models need to completely submerge inside the water, they use around 20-30% more water than the front-loading models.

Furthermore, the best front-loading washers come with a 5-star rating, which translates to low power consumption. Certain washers also come with inverter technology, which ensures greater energy savings. Thus, front-loading washing machines are more energy and water efficient as compared to top-loading models.

Gentle on clothes

Top-load washing machines either come with an impeller, or an agitator, while front-loading washing machines depend on the movement of the drum. This essentially means that front-loading models are generally more gentle on  your fabrics, while the top-loading washing machines are relatively harsh, which could result in your clothes losing their integrity.

Higher spin speed

As seen with the example above, front-load washing machines come with higher spin speed, which can reach up to 1500 RPM. However, top-loading models do not come with such high spin speeds. You would be hard pressed to find a top-loading washing machine that comes with a 100o RPM spin speed. This also means that front-loading models dry clothes quickly, and with greater effectiveness.

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Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, front-loading models also come equipped with the latest technology, and that is why they are generally more expensive than their top-loading counterparts.

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