5 Exercises to keep low down your Blood Pressure

Fighting against high blood pressure can be a real challenge as it belongs to the list of diseases that needs your continuous attention. That means, other than taking medicines, you keep a regular track of your blood pressure and do regular physical activities.

Depending on medicines can lower your blood pressure for the time being but can bring in other diseases if used for extended times. So, natural remedies can help you to bring down your pressure, and you can lessen or stop your medicines if your physician permits.

Along with regular exercise, comes the responsibility of regularly checking your pressure so that you can adjust your lifestyle, diet, and physical activities accordingly. Moreover, with a regular check, you don’t have to worry about a persisting hike in pressure without your knowledge. For that, a digital blood pressure monitor can give you the convenience of easy check in the comforts of home.

What is a digital blood pressure monitor?

It’s an electronic device that can show your systolic by diastolic pressure on the monitor. This device consists of an upper-arm cuff connected with the monitor through a tube. The cuff inflates to collapse the arm and then slowly release the blood flow under the cuff. The machine then records the pressure and displays it on the screen.


  • Its small size gives the convenience of carrying it along with you.
  • Very easy to use as the machine is fully automatic.
  • You can start it just by pushing a button.
  • It gives an error-free and accurate reading, unlike the manual one.
  • Also,it shows your heartbeat rate.
  • You can measure the pressure by sitting at home.

If you don’t have one, I would recommend you buy a good BP Machine in India online, as it will help you a lot.


As one of the most important remedies for high blood pressure, health professionals suggest doing regular exercises. Physical activities reduce the stiffness of the blood vessel allowing an easy flow of blood throughout the body. This improves blood circulation and thereby decreases high blood pressure.

So, here is the list of five easy exercises to lower your blood pressure.

Take a regular brisk walk

With our lives getting busier day by day, we hardly get enough time to take care of ourselves. It makes us crave simple physical activities with effective results. One such exercise is brisk walking.

With a regular power walking of 30 minutes, you can build up your muscles, strengthen your bones, and most important can tone your figure. All these benefits help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Moreover, regular walking also improves your mood and relieves you from stress.

As stress and obesity are the two major sources of high blood pressure, a daily brisk walk can help you to lower your bp.

However, a study says that a better and more effective result can be obtained if the 30-minutes can be split into three 10-minutes of strolls.

That’s not the end; brisk walking also offers prevention from other health issues, including heart-related diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Bike riding

Riding a bike for half an hour a day gives the same advantage as the brisk walking.

Furthermore, biking can give you a speedier result of losing weight and gaining muscles than walking.

Along with the same benefits of power walking like improving cardiovascular fitness and lowering stress, biking can also improve joint mobility. Moreover, you gain an excellent balance and coordination in your posture.


If you want to level up your workout activities, swimming can be a great choice. Unlike walking and biking, where the activity mainly involves the lower part of the body, you can get a whole-body workout in swimming.

As a study says, if you swim three to four times a week continuing it for 12 weeks, you can lower your high bp by almost nine digits. This form of exercise is more beneficial to drive down the blood pressure for senior adults.

The standard advice for swimming duration is either 150 minutes of moderate swimming or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week.

But the important point is you need to be consistent, as even two weeks of breaks can make you lose all your gain.


When you want to reap the benefits of physical activity with some fun and enjoyment, go for hiking.

Exercising regularly at a single place with the same background and machines can be tedious. Whereas, when you go for a hike, the pleasant and cold weather with the trees around gives you a calm mind.

Hiking has similar benefits of walking that includes fat control and lowering of stress level, which can lessen your high pressure. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of heart disease and osteoarthritis as well as lowers the cholesterol levels in your body.


Some dedicated hours in the gym per week can sweat off the excess fat under your skin. Serving the same advantages as the other physical activities, gyming can give you faster results.

In this method, you can consider doing full-body exercise, dedicated specific days for core exercise, and vigorous one.

It is safe to do exercise regularly if you consider doing simple ones. But if you are doing moderate aerobic exercise, consider taking a day off after every three to five days. Doing so is important because your body needs proper rest to recover the torn muscles and tissues from daily exercise. It also energizes you to hit the gym for the next few days.


While all the physical activities have similar benefits, its level of difficulty and the speed of the result makes all the difference. But no matter what exercise you choose to do, you must be consistent in your physical activities. However, don’t forget to take an off day! Your body needs time to rejuvenate after a few days of daily workouts.

Another important thing for obtaining efficient results is increasing the frequency by keeping the duration the same. That is, if you workout for 30 minutes a day, divide the session into three 10 minutes workouts. You will get a better result.

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