6 Ways Earn via Trading without Investing Money

The formula when trading with CFDs and other financial instruments is [money + hard work = profit] What happens if you just have hard work and no capital on your hands? Will it still be possible for a trader to earn money? Of course, it will still be possible for someone to earn money through the  6 means which we will discuss in this article. 

1.Affiliate Programs 

Vloggers and writers who are into trading can gain money by creating their respective trading outputs and posting them on social media sites, blogs or video sites for advertisement purposes. This could provide a stable profit in two ways, one happens when the material attracts advertisers for the post itself and two if you have a partnership with a trading platform. 

2. Competitions

Only few traders are aware of the fact that the demo trading accounts offered by several trading platforms can be profitable too. These are not just meant for practice purposes but for competitions as well. Trading platforms that offer such service would usually hold contests for the creation and management of demo accounts. Once judged, the winning account is either awarded a withdrawable cash or a valuable item.

3. Bonuses

No deposit bonus is an enticing program offered by traders to clients who  wish to deal on the real market but are afraid to invest their money because of various reasons. The procedure is easy, brokers would initially provide initial balance on a particular account and let them trade with it. Take note that the deposited amount is non with drawable. That means that the money is solely intended for trading alone. The profits that you make out of the trading process is the one that can be withdrawn. 

4. Managing 

Individuals with financial and business background can apply either as an employed financial manager for an investment firm or an online freelance financial manager. If you choose to become an employed financial manager, we suggest looking into online broker job opportunities and apply as a staff  for such firms. Look for firms that offer trust management services because they are the ones that give options for clients to let the  financial manager manipulate the account and they would provide a percentage from their profits as a payment for the service. 

5. Communicating

People with good writing and communication skills can also profit by posting queries, answers to questions, feedback and suggestions. More often than not, some trading forums pay people who post ideas that are relevant to a particular trading issue, inquiry or article. 

6. Referrals

 If you’ve got such great convincing powers, you can tie up with a broker and agree to get payment by providing clients who would sign up to their accounts. 

Conclusion: The world of CFDs along with the rest of the derivatives is similar to a green pasture that requires proper tilling and cultivation in order to be profitable. Take note that money is not the only capital in such an industry. If you are okay with the ample amount brought by commissioned trading tasks then you can try the above-mentioned suggestions. However, if you wish to have a greater profit from the trading industry, it is best to invest money and sign up for a trading opportunity.

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