Art of stitching using modern machines

Back in olden days, we used to stitch the clothes using a needle and thread. This used to take a lot of physical effort to make the clothes, but as there are no other options, people used to do that. But in the industrial age, with the inventions of many modern machines, the clothing industry has taken tremendous changes, and mass production began. Then there were so many varieties, and designs of clothes are available to the customers. But they were manual machines and still would take some time in the manufacturing. Now in the 20th century, these machines are more automated, and everyday lakhs of pieces of the clothes are getting manufactured and sold in the market. Fashion has become one of the basic needs in daily life, where everyone judges you by the kind of clothing you wear. To keep ourselves engaged with modern trends, we buy clothes that match our needs and taste.

Manufacturing of the machines

The clothes are sewed on machines, and these machines are also manufactured in the industries. The machines that sew the clothes are called the sewing machine. These machines were first invented in 1755 by Charles Fredrick Wiesenthal. Over a while, these machines have undergone a lot of changes, and today they fully and semi-automated depend upon the needs. These changes have reduced the turn around time of producing a shirt, and the demand for clothing rises. It has created employment opportunities for many people and many business ideas for new entrepreneurs. Machines do all the kinds of stitches like a zigzag stitch, cover stitch, overlock stitch, chain stitch, lockstitch, and many more in various patterns. Machines adopt various feed mechanisms for easy functioning of sewing while doing the work like, drop feed, manual feed, puller feed, needle feed, walking feed, differential feed, and many more. Many changes were also made in the machines and the type of manufacturing that leads to the invention of many new products in the line of clothing.

Impacts of these machines on public

Before the invention of the sewing machine, women used to spend a lot of time on the family clothing section. In some houses, they used to hire a professional for stitching the clothes that would last for months and days. Many families use to have a limited pair of clothing and use it to adjust to that. But after the invention, the manufacturing time and labor work got reduced. This has reduced the stress on women as they can concentrate on other segments in the management of the household. Women even got some time that was converted into exploring leisure activities or minting them for money. This invention even created a few employment opportunities in society. Later, when the machines were modified, even the demand for clothing has also increased drastically, and now it is one the leading sectors in the market. People are continuously looking for changes in the clothing line, and many leading manufactures are minting the same need.

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