Can Self-Driving Cars Eliminate The Risks Of Car Accidents?


Technology has taken over the world, and intelligent, automated devices are now everywhere. Automated technology is increasingly becoming a part of our lives, from automatic doors to smart houses. Car companies had also begun adding automated technology in their vehicles, such as Tesla, Google, and Uber, with cruise control and sensory technology. 

Although these cars were made to eliminate human errors using computerized automated technology, people are still hesitant about trusting these vehicles blindly. If you are involved in an automated car accident, contact a Tucson auto accident attorney

Benefits of self-driving cars

According to a study conducted by the NHTSA, more than 90 per cent of the accidents on the road happen due to driver’s negligence. While other factors are often at fault, such as bad weather, an accident usually takes place because they were not following the traffic laws. 

Because many car accidents happen due to driver error, car manufacturers and experts believe that autonomous cars can indeed make a difference. 

Smart cars equipped with the latest automated technology, such as high-tech maps, cameras, and sensor technology, allow the vehicle to monitor its surroundings in a better way than humans are capable of. Smart cars can automatically detect an object or pedestrian and stop the vehicle. 

Can self-driving cars eliminate the risk of accidents?

Car companies have introduced various features in self-driving cars intended to reduce the risks of accidents. They may include the following. 

  • Automatic braking systems or emergency brake assist
  • Lane departure warning systems
  • Voice-activated, hands-free systems
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle communication
  • Blind-spot detection and collision warning systems
  • Rear-view cameras
  • Active cornering headlight systems

As we all know, drivers become distracted while driving and break laws. These modern technologies are intended to reduce driver error and avoid collisions overall. 

However, it still does not entirely eliminate the risk of a collision. Various accidents involving autonomous cars take place every year. This is mainly because of two reasons: one is because of manufacturing defects, and the other is driver error. Although self-driving cars are supposed to function without human assistance, they still need to be commanded by the driver. 

Self-driving cars work by accepting commands from the driver. Therefore, while the driver may not have to put their hands on the steering wheel and legs on the accelerator, they may still need to pay attention to the road. Failing to do that will result in accidents. 

If you are involved in a road accident involving a self-driving car, you may be confused about who you should sue. Do not worry, and let a skilled attorney handle your case. 

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