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You have written a book, and now you are looking for a Best Self  Book Publishing Agency partner who will simplify the conversion process of turning your manuscript into a fully formatted book and make it available to the target audience. You need to find a company that would assist you step-by-step eliminating the guesswork out of book creation and publishing. Blueberry Illustrations is one of them. They are well renowned and will provide you with the best of illustrations and other publishing services. We have tried to explain briefly the various steps involved in converting your manuscript into a book and making it available for readers worldwide. This is the general process followed by most of the self-publishing companies.

Tell Your Story to the Illustrator

Most companies will have a basic form to be filled out by the author about your book and preferences before assigning an illustrator to you. This will give them a brief idea about your illustration requirements and the style of illustration which will suit your story and/or any preferences which you have. Accordingly, an illustrator will be assigned to your book. Blueberry Illustrations provide royalty-free, original illustrations based on your story. They have a team of award-winning illustrators who would surely add quirkiness to your book. This can be done for fiction novels, short stories, fantasy books, and nonfiction books. Make sure you have a look at the various illustration styles offered by these companies, so you can be confident that your illustrations will be just like how you want them. 

Get your story sketches done

Once your requirements and preferences are all organized, the illustrator will begin the work. You will be given a planned time frame for all the illustration styles for children. To start, the illustrator will send you the first pencil sketch of the book for your feedback. It will be a pencil sketch but will be good enough to give you a good idea of how your characters are turning out and the general look and feel of the illustration and its composition. You can give your approval to continue on the remaining sketches on the same lines or if you have any tweaks that you want in the characters, it can be done at this time. All the remaining pencil sketches will be sent to you within the stipulated time frame. Any modifications if you have, will be done at this stage in the pencil sketches itself as making the changes later on after color is very difficult and requires a lot of rework. 

Coloring process of your final Illustrations

Here in this step, your illustrator would start color rendering of the pencil sketches of your story which were approved by you. Any color preferences given by the author will be duly implemented and the coloring will closely follow the illustration style chosen by you earlier. The illustrations will come live and vivid with coloring. 

Final delivery of your illustrated book

Once the illustrations are complete and approved, it’s time now to finally compile your final illustrations with your manuscript. The designing service includes the cover design and book layout. Your book cover is the first impression your book makes to the reader. It is one of the strongest marketing tools a book has and therefore we would recommend that you choose a professional cover design service and get the most engaging cover to WOW your readers. Book layout includes the complete inside layout of the book and making it print-ready as per the printer’s technical specifications. All book pages including title page, dedication page, Author biography page, Copyright page and others are designed as per the Author’s liking to convert your story into a remarkable book. You will be given the printer ready high-resolution files that you can take to your local printing for printing. You will also be given all the source files used in making your manuscript into a book, so anytime in years you want to change anything, you have those original files which will be handy in making those changes. 

If you don’t want to use your local printer or you don’t have the knowledge and time for the same, don’t worry, companies like RKS Illustrations provide the Self-Publishing service. Get published and get the global distribution of your books on all major online bookstores like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others. When self-publishing, it is really important that you work with professional designers to ensure that your book looks professional and is at-par with the ones in the bookstores.

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