Five Reasons why Indians love Royal Enfield Bikes


Since making its debut in 1955, Royal Enfield has always managed to rule India’s hearts. Earlier owned by a British company, Royal Enfield became an Indian Brand in 1994 when Eicher Motors decided to take over. In an era where most youth bikers prefer stylish bikes, Royal Enfield somehow turned the whole picture.

As a result, most Indian bikers share the same dream of visiting Leh-Ladakh on their Royal Enfield Bike. Through this article, we’re going to find out what’s unique about these bikes and why Indians love them so much.

Reason 1: Royal Enfield means Pride!

If you decide to go out in random streets of India and ask kids which bike is your favourite, you will get only one answer, “Bullet“! It doesn’t only stop here, you can even try asking a few adults, and you might hear the same name again. Unlike other bikes, riding a Royal Enfield gives you a sense of Pride, and people will undoubtedly take notice of you.

Reason 2: A True Head Turner!

We’re sure that everybody loves that thumping sound of Royal Enfield Bikes. However, that “Dug Dug” is not only an ear-pleasing sound, but it also makes people turn their attention towards your bike. And, whether you believe us or not but every time you’ll ask a Royal Enfield owner about their bike, they will have countless stories to share with you.

Reason 3: Made for the Mountains!

If you are going for a road trip to the mountains, indeed, you can’t take your sleek and stylish bikes over there. On the other hand, Royal Enfield Bikes are made for these kinds of challenging road trips. Moreover, their solid built quality and strong engine power make them the ideal choice. Once you start accelerating a Royal Enfield, it brings that unique thrill and excitement you usually feel at the top of mountains. 

Reason 4: Highly Customizable

By this point, you can already start considering Royal Enfield Bikes a complete package. In fact, Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the most highly customizable bikes in the whole country. So, when it comes to being customizable, Royal Enfield does not disappoint us here either. To make such customization or modification easily accessible, Royal Enfield has completely localized their bikes.

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Reason 5: Royal Enfield is now global!

Lastly, Royal Enfield isn’t only limited to the Indian market. Recently, many foreign countries have allowed Royal Enfield Bikes in their local markets. Moreover, Royal Enfield is also trying to reach more countries and turn into a global giant. In 2020, the CEO and MD of Royal Enfield, Siddhartha Lal, confirmed that they would not collaborate with any other brand. In 2021, Royal Enfield is celebrating its 120 years of existence in the Indian Bikes Industry.


Despite fierce competition in the Indian market, Royal Enfield has never backed down. Many other brands, such as Hero, tried to compete by bringing off-road bikes like Impulse. But, it failed miserably in the market and didn’t impress bike lovers due to its multiple issues.

It’s hard to find another bike brand with so much passion and pride in its products. Due to such a solid local presence, bike accessories for Royal Enfield are readily available everywhere. At last, we are pretty hopeful that through this article, we have given you a sense of how it feels to drive a Royal Enfield Bike from local street roads to the very top of the Indian mountains. If you liked this article, explore Carorbis today, because our bike and car accessories store has got everything which you need for your vehicle!

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