How to identify a pure leather shoe?

To buy shoes online gives a sense of joy and contentment. One can go on the web and there are thousands of portals and there will be hundreds of thousands of options to choose from. Such is the beauty of the internet! There is also the benefit of comparing the price of several choices and then selecting the one that suits your budget and is pleasing to the eye. But the traditional way of buying shoes that are the traditional offline shopping is still preferred by most people. This comes in handy when a person is buying leather shoes. Whether it is men’s leather sandals or formal leather shoes, more people buy them offline to not be duped by faux leather. Real leather has its reputation is preferred by many but buying ‘pure’ leather shoes made up of genuine leather is a task in itself.

But there are several ways to tell apart from real leather from the fake one and not be fooled and looted since real leather is expensive and putting in a lot of money into fake leather is just not something a person would like to do. Hence, we have compiled below the various ways a person can tell the difference between real leather and fake knock-offs.

1)     Waterdrop test

This test can be done on a shoe to identify if it is real leather or not. When a drop of water is poured on real leather, the water is absorbed within a few seconds as it goes in the pores. That is not the case with fake leather and it will not get absorbed and make a tiny puddle on the surface. The fake leather cannot absorb water no matter how many chemicals are used to perfect it. That’s one sure shot method of testing as it is the natural feature of leather.

2)     Surface

One can observe the surface of the shoes and determine their genuineness. If you look closely, the surface of the shoes should have patches and cracks since it is animal skin and skin will always be like that. Fake leather will not have these characteristics even after much effort has been put into creating such patterns and end up looking made-up and so, makes it easy for the customers to tell them apart.

3)     Wrinkling

Like human skin, when pinched, animal skin also wrinkles. People can try to pinch the surface of their formal shoes or ethnic footwear for men and women to see if the surface wrinkles. If it does, then it is genuine leather otherwise, there is no meaning in buying it. Although, it should be noted that sometimes this method can also be copied in the designing of the fake leather shoes and thus, it is not a reliable test.

4)     Bending

This is yet another effective test. Real leather bends easily and changes its color a little just like the human skin. That is not the case with fake leather and might break and crack. It is an advice to not try this in front of the salesman otherwise they will make you buy the whole thing.

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