Importance of a sponsor


What is a sponsor licence?

Sponsor licence is essentially a permit from the UK’s home office to allow businesses to hire or sponsor human resources of non-UK origin if they want to. It is defined as a ‘relationship of trust’ by the courts and government of the UK.

Initial validation is required to obtain the licence. Along with this an ongoing validation process has been placed by the UK government.

According to the UK immigrant laws all UK based companies are required to have a sponsor licence to sponsor all non-EU employees but now instead of the UK’s exit from the EU from 1st January 2021, all non-UK employees can be hired only if your organisation is registered with the Home Office.

A new annexe has been created to guide the employers to apply for the sponsor licence immediately if they feel they may need to hire non-UK personnel.

What are the benefits to an immigrant of having a sponsor?

If by any chance you are currently a resident of the UK on tier 2 general visa route then you already are aware of the benefits of having a sponsor in the UK. Many of you, however, are here reading this article in the hopes of finding a way to live and work in the UK. One of the best options available to you is the Tier 2 General Visa route.

One of the major ways of acquiring a tier 2 general visa is to acquire the Certificate of Sponsorship from a business in the UK that is a tier 2 sponsor licence holder. Sponsors are your security tickets that prove that you have a job waiting for you in the UK. It also shows that you have all the necessary qualifications and attributes required to enter and stay in the UK.

Should you have a sponsor necessarily?

The answer to this question depends on the type of visa route you choose. Most of the people who travel to the UK to work and live to apply for a tier 2 general visa. This visa is used to bring in workers to fill in the employee gaps that cannot be filled by a local worker.

If in the off case you are self-employed and apply for a Tier 1 visa route then you don’t need a sponsor. Tube tier 1 visa route is often subjected to stringent financial criteria and are tricky to get.

In case you are shifting from a student visa of tier 4 to tier 1 route then also you don’t need a sponsor.

Is a sponsor needed if you switch from another tier visa to tier 2?

Yes, the requirement is the same no matter how you apply for tier 2 visa route. The sponsors are responsible for keeping your records up to date and are your guarantees. The system is very strict and non-compliance can result in very harsh penalties and punishments. Even if you are switching it is just like applying from scratch and you need the certificate of sponsorship for the same.

Once allotted, can the visa be nullified?

However rare it may be, yes there is a possibility of nullification of your tier 2 visa. One of the most common reasons for your visa nullification can be you leaving your job. The tier 2 general route visa is tied to your sponsor. Also, the sponsor has the responsibility of notifying the home office of your resignation within the next 10 days of it happening. You at most may have 60 days in which you will have to leave the country. If you want to stay you will have to find a new job and apply for another licence which can supersede your previous one.

For more information and help you should connect with an immigration solicitor.

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