La Pino’z: Producing More Than 2 Lakh Fresh Pizzas A Day

There are many pizza outlets worldwide, but not all of them will provide the best items to eat. La Pino’z Pizza is one of the most delicious pizza makers that you will find. They have more than 150 outlets in India. They produce more than 2 lakh pizza every day. The best types of equipment and storage facilities are behind the freshness of the items they make. They also use fresh and organic vegetables and non-veg stuff for toppings. They customize the items according to what their customers want. They put the best pizza toppings to make their pizzas look and taste better and delicious.

Top items at La Pino’z Pizza

La Pino’z Pizza is an authentic firm that provides some of the best pizzas worldwide. Let us have a look at the popular pizza on their menu.

  • People who like fewer vegetables on their pizza as toppings can go for their ‘Simply veg’ option. They have many choices over here love the Garden Delight Pizza that contains tomatoes, capsicum, and onions. You can also go for the Lovers bite pizza that will have olives, sweet corns, and mushrooms. Many people go for the countryside pizza that has olives, jalapenos, and capsicum. You can also customize them according to your needs. The Spring Fling Pizza is also a famous one that has sweet corns, paneer, and capsicum.
  • People who like more veggies on their pizzas as toppings can go for the exotic veg option. Here, you will find many choices wherein they will have a decent amount of vegetable toppings. They have the garden spice pizza that has onions, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and capsicum. The ‘veg Hawaiian pizza’ is also brilliant. It will have extra cheese, sweet corn, mushrooms, and capsicum. People who like the korma dips can go for the farm villa pizza. It will have red paprika, tomatoes, paneer, and capsicum in them.
  • People also love many vegetable items, as toppings on the pizza. They can go for the specialty veg. It will contain many kinds of stuff, and you can also customize their options. They have the peri-peri veg pizza that contains the peri-peri dip, mushroom, paneer, capsicum, olives, and onions. The Korma special pizza is amongst the favorites for the veg lovers, and it contains mushrooms, red paprika, paneer, onion, korma dip, and tomatoes. Garlic lovers can go from the Garlic to pizza. It will have jalapenos, mushrooms, garlic dip with onions and capsicum.
  • You will find many non-veg pizza lovers worldwide. The La Pino’z have a brilliant choice for them also. People who do not like much toppings can go for the exotic tikka pizza. It will have chicken tikka and onions as toppings. They also have the Texas BBQ’ed chicken that will have barbecue chicken with capsicum and onion. You will also get a mixed grill, Indiana chicken, Korma chicken, tandoori, and many other options. All of them have sizzling pieces of chicken toppings and will melt in your mouth. You can also go for the feast non-veg. The non-veg tamer, which will have all the toppings of non-veg and you can add more cheese also.

Achievements of La Pino’z

La Pino’z is a professional firm that focuses on providing the best pizzas across India. They are famous for making Italian traditional pizzas. The firm was witnessing massive success in the past years. They got quality service awards from Times food four times in a row. They were also in the top spots of the Indian Express, Shoutlo, Times of India, and other lists of restaurants. That shows how delicious and neat their products are to eat. That is why they have massive traffic on their site.

Safe to buy

Buying pizzas from La Pino’z is safe and secure for the customers. People who use their apps can use their debit and credit cards to buy the products. You can also use your UPI to make payments. They accept the net banking ways also. They want to make sure that their customers love their items. Therefore, you can also return the product if you do not like and they will refund the money within seven working days. So go online and check out their app.

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