The top electric kettles in the Indian market


Almost every Indian has an affection towards everyday beverages like tea or coffee. Especially in winter seasons, the demand for such hot beverages goes higher. That results in the increased usage of electric kettles. Electric kettles are not there in the Indian electronics market for much longer. These beneficial appliances grabbed popularity within a short period after launch. Presently, these appliances are the trending ones in the electronics market. From boiling water to preparing tea or coffee, these kettles can do everything. You can reduce the fuel expenses with electric kettles. The kettles are much faster to boil water or to prepare tea than normal ovens. These features make the kettles better than a normal gas oven in terms of boiling water or preparing beverages. Also, the capacities of the electric kettles are higher. Here, we are mentioning some of the best electric kettles in India.

Top electric kettles in India

Philips 1.5-liter electric kettle

The decent product from Philips is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. The model is quite power-efficient as well. The wattage of the kettle is around 1800 watts, and that’s much higher. This one has an inbuilt steam sensor and overheats protection to avoid any uncertainty. The 360 cordless pirouette base is friendly to move and rotate easily. The kettle is highly efficient for any boiling task. The only disadvantage of this particular model is the shorter cord length.

Orpat 2-liter electric kettle 

The perfect combination of stainless steel and aluminium metal makes the kettle body more durable. This product also includes overheat-safety protection to avoid overheating. The storage capacity of 2 litres allows you to pour more water at a time. This model has the auto-stop indicator, and that’s the special feature. The decent and durable design of the handle helps the user to use the appliance easily.

The shorter power cord is also the only consequence of this model. Besides, the device is a bit noisy while boiling water.

Prestige 1.2-liter electric kettle 

This model from Prestige has a pure stainless-steel body. The automatic cut-off feature is the highlight of this model. The advanced cool-touch handle is safe to grab after switching off the machine. The machine consumes 1200 watts power to run. The manufacturers provide a 1-year warranty with the machine. The only drawback of the machine is the longer switching-on time.

Morphy Richards 1-liter electric kettle 

This product comes with a stainless steel body with a transparent lid. Moreover, this product has a specified temperature control knob to monitor the temperature. This product also offers the auto cut-off feature and dry boil protection feature to the users. Also, there are many cons to this product. This product tends to get damaged frequently. Also, this is a bit noisy when heating the water. Customers have also reported that the auto cut off feature doesn’t work well every time.

These are some of the top models of electric kettles in India. There many more options in the market with different price ranges. You can buy a specific model that fits your budget and suits your purpose.

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