Things you should know before Applying professional year program in Australia

Students go abroad for higher studies in order to learn skills on an international level and grab the best career opportunity. There are various courses that help students to achieve their aim in abroad countries. On the same track, Professional Year Course is also a course that helps the students to understand and learn professional skills on the basis of training sessions conducted during the course. It is also among the popular which provides lots of advantages to the students. This program considers the student career as the main focus and helps students to grow and learn better things.

Understand about professional year program and time duration required to complete

Professional Year Program is a career-oriented development program created for international students. This program lets the students enhance their skills and ability in the sector they are doing their graduation or post-graduation. This program will help the students to get better placement and growth in their career in their selected discipline and gain all the relevant technical skills and knowledge.

With the help of this program, Students are able to gain formal learning and working experience in the company. They learn the experience of professional communication within the environment of the company. Students gain the learning of different practices of working conducted within the company. With this program, the applicant can gain the nominated skilled occupation or relevant occupation. This program is 44 weeks long and it also contains 12 weeks internship session with a hosting company.

Why this program is so popular among international students in Australia!

It can be seen that students do not get better job opportunities due to a lack of skills and practical experience in the relevant field. Students having good grades and pass out from good colleges are also facing the problem of unemployment. The simplest reason behind this unemployment is no practical knowledge about the workplace and poor professional skills of the students. With this, students are changing their profession and moving into other industry in order to get the job.

In order to get of such issues, professional year program organizes international level training programs for the international students in order to gain skills and professional training while studying at a particular college. The benefits are:

  • This would probably increase the chance of getting better placement even after the completion of the graduation.
  • Students can wok easily in their own industry after completing this program.
  • This program conducts the training sessions in which students are going to learn the practical knowledge of the industry, workplace and working by providing the internship in the relevant company.
  • You are going to learn the skills with the highly experienced employees during training at the company.
  • The employees will train you and provide you with the best skills required for a good employee.
  • You will different types of experience during the internship such as teamwork. This will also help you in developing a professional network while working in the company for a specified duration.
  • You can add this program to make your CV more strong which also includes experience
  • Further, there are more benefits of this program that is, students will get an extra five points for achieving the requirement of the Permanent Residency for Australia.

List of Professional year requirements

The major requirements needed to apply for the professional year program are:

  • Applicant must have completed the undergraduate or postgraduate program from a recognized university of Australia.
  • Applicant must have applied for or hold for 485 visa
  • A minimum score of 6.0 in the IELTS exam is required
  • Applicant must have skill assessment proof from a recognized organization

Simple tips to find the best college

This is among the important decisions that must be taken by the student that is to select the best institute or college to study PYP. The major characteristics that can be involved while finding out the best college for the study and they are:

  • College must be focused on a student’s career and have a good probability of placement in the previous year.
  • College must be popular in Australia and must have placed students already in major companies
  • College must have a good record of placing the students for internship at good companies so that they can gain employment opportunities in the same company
  • College must organize a meeting session with reputed professionals, employees or recruiters in the relevant industry so that students can engage with them and can improve their network.
  • College must fulfill the career objectives of the students by allowing them to do internships on the right time and at the right company
  • The learning schedule or timetable must be flexible so that each student can gain the advantages of classroom learning.
  • The college must provide either IELTS or NAATI course so that students can also earn some extra points in addition with PYP for the permanent residency.

Do an internship program in Australia helps in getting better placement!

Yes, it is true fact that Australian companies are looking for candidates having better professional experience and skills. PYP is introduced in order to fulfill the same condition by the medium of providing them training under the internship program.

The other reason that can be considered is the development of a professional network during the internship program with the employees of the associated company. You will learn with the experienced professional in the company and this is a great opportunity for the students to build their network and these professional networks can be used as the references in the CV.

With the completion of this program, students are able to get an extra five points for the application of PR in Australia. If you achieve the points as soon as possible then the chances of getting an invitation for PR increases. Thereafter you will easily get the PR of Australia in a short interval of time. All these benefits will give you a boost in getting the dream job in Australia. No-one can’t stop as you have skills, experience, residency, and reference of professionals.

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