Use alcohol hand sanitizers against a virus


We live in the world today where we all are going through this deadly pandemic, the corona virus. It started back at the beginning of the year 2020 where we were informed that we are in danger of a new kind of virus. Every country was affected by this virus. Most of the countries in the world decided to completely lock down their cities. People were not allowed to go out of their houses as there was nothing we can use to fight against this virus. The only thing we can use is to maintain our proper Hygiene, which can only be maintained by washing our hands regularly. In this case, the most famous thing used was alcohol hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers were heavily demanded in this lockdown period.

Benefits of using alcohol-based hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizer is very useful in many ways. It is easy to use and that is why it is demanded heavily these days. some of the major benefits are given in the following points-

  • A hand wash needs water to use it. some people are too busy with their work that they do not have time to go wash their hands with water. For these kinds of people, hand sanitizer is a thing that can help in maintaining their proper hygiene. Hand sanitizer does not require water as it evaporates after using it. the alcohol used in the making of hand sanitizers makes the hand sanitizers evaporate in few seconds.
  • A hand sanitizer is faster than a regular hand wash. So a person can use it and can continue their work in few seconds which save a lot of time.
  • Hand sanitizer is a portable hand wash that a person can use anywhere he wants. There a person can take hand sanitizers to the place like camping where a hand wash can’t help a person in maintaining their proper hygiene.
  • Some soaps or hand wash are too harsh on the skin. These soaps or hand washes can result in skin allergies or skin infection, but a hand sanitizer is not as harsh as a soap or hand wash. Rather a hand sanitizer is a sensitive approach.
  • A person in their daily routine touches many spots filled with bacteria like a TV remote or a bus handle. Nobody knows which person has touched spots like these in their daily life. Therefore, there is always a risk of coming in contact with bacteria while touching these spots. If a person carries a hand sanitizer with him then he or she can whenever clean their hands by killing these germs which a person does not even know.

So it can be concluded that hand sanitizer has become a part of our life which saves us from unwanted bacteria. A hand sanitizer can even improve the skin condition, but if a person’s skin is not in a good state, then he or she can go with scar reducing cream for keeping their skin in a healthy state.

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