Distributor Management System To Help Businesses Streamline Distribution And Manage Related Activities


In the world we live today, companies and businesses have to have a management system to run the business or operations successfully. One such management system is the distributor management system.

The market today is large, varied, and complex. It consists of thousands of distributors, a hundred thousand outlets, and more than it, potential transactions. Manufactures in such a situation, have to manage this wide network of distributors, along with judging the varied needs of their different channel partners. And, this is effectively being managed with the smart, yet simple Distributor Management System.

Popularly known as DMS, Distributor Management System is not something that just controls the supply chain, but it also helps manufacturers control the streamline of inventories, manage promotions, improves productivity, and overall the entire sales process. It also helps to manage any distributor claims to get accurate, and reliable data of all the secondary sales.  In a way, the Distributor Management System is like an engine that propels all sales and distributor needs and activities.

Distributor or Distribution Management System is a process where all different and efficient processes like logistics, inventory, purchases, sales, order management, supply management, and all other analytical tools are taken care of in one single working. It takes care of all the processes that are involved once a good or product is out of the manufacturing unit and waiting to reach the customer market.

Why do businesses need Distributor Management System?

We all know about the processes that involve right from a good or product being manufactured and ready, to the stage of reaching the client or customers for sale and thus the profit. The processes in between need a lot of hard and smart work, failing which can adversely affect the business and thereby loses. But, if we see, how big businesses in the market are doing it, defeating smaller players every time, we could see some smart steps being taken by the right at the organizational level, making the supply chain management strong and full proof through the DMS – Distributor Management System.

To know in details how the system works and its importance, you need to examine the challenges as follows:

  • Most of the distributors on the ground level are small, unorganized, and do not have adequate capital.
  • Distributors, who handle multiple brands, often find it difficult to manage the data for all the different brands.
  • Bigger distributors lack proper information.
  • To reach out to remote and rural areas, several levels of distributorship are often needed, adding to the cost and supply.
  • Lack of proper data of orders, inventory, claims, and returns, distributors either runs out of stock or are overstocked.
  • Substandard logistic infrastructure and limited use of the internet.

These are real-time challenges and affect the supply management process and thus the overall sales. These challenges can effectively be dealt with Distributor Management System. Here’s how:

  • Handles Order Management
  • Helps effectively manage stock movements
  • Makes follow sales analytics and trends
  • Monitors stock out scenarios
  • Supports price calculation and control
  • Manage stock movement
  • Plans out better procurement
  • Manages scheme management

The Distributor Management System helps streamline all distribution and related activities to improve the supply chain management of a business and eliminate stockout / overstocking, thereby allowing companies to track, control, and access real-time data from the distributors.

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